The WORLD doesnt give a damn care about us !! WHY

Found these comments on DIGG quite disturbing but will our fellow pakistanis care to answer why the heck they hate us so much & prolly indifferent to where the heck we are and what we do. I mean come on, it was just about a site being blocked by the stupid PTCL but look at where the comments are going . . . . huh !! . As we have taken their pants off !! . Just look at where MOST of the DIGG clicks are been done upon

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    PatrioticKiwi  by PatrioticKiwi on 02/24/2008

    >> Pakistan has blocked access to the popular YouTube website because of content deemed offensive to Islam

    ISLAM itself is offensive to a lot of infidels. Maybe we should ban it. Most of us would much rather there be no Islam than no YouTube.

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    coolian  by coolian on 02/24/2008

    Pakistan is going the way of Afghanistan under the Taliban. It seems that the country is intent on living in the 10th century.
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    stutimandal  by stutimandal on 02/24/2008

    Right time to provide proxy services.
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    neiltc13  by neiltc13 on 02/24/2008

    Why on earth would someone run their life by a religion which they:

    a) do not know is true
    b) have no evidence of being true
    c) is possibly bullshit

    I don’t understand why people get so entangled in religion and I would HATE to live in a country where religion was as dominant as it is in Pakistan. I don’t think it’s possible for us as mere humans to understand religion and I think that maybe it might not be worth fighting over, and certainly not worth blocking all the cute kitten videos for.

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  1. Dude, an average american is not the hero that we see in the movies/in the white house – the average american is a lot like our villagers and is trained by decades of media propaganda, so this behavior should come as no surprise.

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