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ARB : Aaj 28th march 2008, to ye batao ki es TIME PAKISTAN KI ESTABLISHMENT KON HAI?? AUR establishment ke koi bhi 3 bandon ke naam batao, koi bi shaks jo most seniors hon

– Saain AAJ or hamesha pakistan ki hamaysha aik hee establishment rahi hai jis ka naam GHQ hai jis ke 3 dimensions hain: Lota politicians, civil BC-cracy, Chaudhries (Nawab, Jageerdar etc.) jin ki (total) population 0.2% hai jis ke tools POLICE + ISI hai or jin ke grand plans mai GENREAL POLITICIANs use hotey rehtey hain or jab crisis ho toh sab mil ke JUDGEs or MEDIA ki MC kertey hain or jis ka saara malba CP awaam pe girta hai, jo apni blindness ki waja se es saray dramay ko nahi sumujhti or election mai phir chor ko farishta sumuj ke vote deti hai or jis ki base pe aik CHOR ASSEMBLY form karti hai jo establishment ki movies ko NEW FACE or TITLE ke saath constitutional cinema mai after every few years release kerti hai and movie funding is done by USA gov. the unique feature of this movie is . . . . . for sixty years it has only villains in it & NO HERO.

Hmmmm , ye batao ki Kiani “kisi bhi terhan parliment ko torey ga?? PPP + Nawaz + ANP ki (government) toray ga?? Assembly desolve karay ga Kiani?? Farz karo ki politicians ARMY + Kiani ke anti hotay. Ye mera last question tha. Saain apkay reply se mei result nikaalunga k NEXT kia ho ne wala hai . . .

– Saain ye toh mamuli cheezain hain. Technically waqt parne pe wo es se (bhi) dus ( TEN) guna bara kaam kare ga. 71 yaad nai kia. But 3 major factors will make it impossible for him to have an ALL-WIN situation for establishment. One media two Border issue on EAST and WEST and third ANTI-ARMY feelings. (Bottom line is) A to Z it all depends upon PPP and PML. If they stick together Kiani ka assembly related koi bhi iqdaam (step) ZERO effect rakhta hai. The only way Kiani can win is by dividing both parties. Ye mai khas confidence se keh raha hun especially after hearing statement by the two londas (diplomats i.e Armitage & Boucher) USA sent. You would be amazed to know that technically its so easy to come out of this crisis. PPP or Gunja (Nawaz sharif) halka sa tinka bhi phainke bagair MUSH or establishment ko hara sakte hain. Miloge toh bataounga.

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  1. Just a couple of comments:

    Establishment also includes stock brokers (see how Arif Habib, AKD supported and helped in previous govt actions). It also includes large corporate entities like oil companies who influence decisions.

    Kiyani was Musharraf’s top intelligence guy in ISI for several years and did all the dirty work for him. Unlike other generals in the past, he’d flown to Dubai to negotiate with BB in full public view. So, is he non-political ?

    Notice how Army is sponsoring sentimental TV shows that improve their image. The public relationing has already started.

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