Is cricket still a gentleman’s game?

Read Full BBC article (Gentleman is an Italian+French word meaning a man from a noble and good family)

Few years back when i saw young girls cheering outside boundary for the 6s and 4s i could sense this is not right. There has to be some difference between A GAME and

an entertainment PACKAGE. Incidentally there was a post about mineral water on KMB where i had to post the same link as comment about commercialism and the capitalist approach and this image clearly shows what i mean by that. Instead of making concrete efforts to promote the game and create INTEREST by tough competitions and high standard professionalism few people in CRICKET are making it a adult entertainment product now. If this is applied to local level we may soon seen hijra’s and the known lot in cricket stadiums to provide energy to the tamashaai’s just like they have done with the theater. Living with modern times never means bring in girls with exposed outlook.

Following comment by Arshad on BBC website is the bottom line of my point basically :

Altaf bhai ka Salam

Altaf bhai at his best once again. I hope you have already seen the other two videos ( Other 1 , Other 2 )

You can also DOWNLOAD the video if you have problems viewing video online

ARB on Pakistan’s ruling Elite

Two days back i gave ARB the book i purchased in Expo center last year i.e Zero Point III by Javed chaudhry & i knew there would be something coming as soon he opens it. Yesterday his first SMS came Continue reading

Jeff Buckley- Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hai

For someone who doesnt know one bit of Urdu this is absolutely amazing performance, The late Jeff Buckley paying a tribute to the forever-alive-in-hearts Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

And here is a tribute song for visitors

“Last Goodbye”

The Power of Nightmares

On Events in Multan

Today while i was checking my CDs i switched on TV to see whats going on, only to get saddened again

that riots and loot mar was going in MULTAN against KESC/WAPDA and load shadding. . . I send this SMS to ARB , he replied with his side of thoughts. .
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ARB on Science and education in Pakistan

Got this SMS today early morning. Didnt want to share but dint have any option too . . .

” Pakistan ke 45% SCIENCE schools/colleges mai . . . LABs hee nahi hain. Atta ur Rahman bar*** ka bacha 8 years se apni ma **** karvata raha”

I didnt even know what to reply to ARB on this. Pure frustration on the state of science and education in our country, especially from a guy who has seen things closely.

Khuda ke Liye released in INDIA

Watch full movie online here

Khuda Ke Liye’ has been released today in India in 100 cinemas across 20 cities, becoming the first Pakistani movie to be released in Indian theaters for 4 decades now. Shoaib Mansoor, the proud of Pakistani cinema has done an excellent job in not only touching a sensitive issue but also putting it in best possible manner. While one can agree/disagree to the views he tried to convey, there is no doubt about the fact that Continue reading

Khuda ke liye – Watch Online

Saw it with Sami & Fayyaz in Cinema in Karachi & i tell you what, its one of the best movies ever. Must watch movie. There are total 15 parts + 3 deleted parts. All Credits : ResidentHeartThrob

Here is another link to watch Khuda ke Liye online

Part One
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