Khuda ke liye – Watch Online

Saw it with Sami & Fayyaz in Cinema in Karachi & i tell you what, its one of the best movies ever. Must watch movie. There are total 15 parts + 3 deleted parts. All Credits : ResidentHeartThrob

Here is another link to watch Khuda ke Liye online

Part One

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five

Part six

Part seven

Part eight

Part nine

Part ten

Part eleven

Part twelve

Part thirteen

Part fourteen

Part fifteen

Deleted parts :-

8 Responses

  1. […] Khuda ke Liye released in INDIA Watch full movie online here […]

  2. Indeed its one of the best Pakistani movie that has been made after such a long time..our cinema definitely needs many more purposeful movies like these & i am glad someone has taken the initiative to break the jinx.

  3. i just love dis movie eman u rock thnx shoaib mansoor

  4. Nice Post =]

  5. nice movie infact nice message for all muslims

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  7. We do not understand what to say apart from we’ve enjoyed reading by way of your blog post.

  8. Appreciate the particular post, maintain on keeping on!

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