Khuda ke Liye released in INDIA

Watch full movie online here

Khuda Ke Liye’ has been released today in India in 100 cinemas across 20 cities, becoming the first Pakistani movie to be released in Indian theaters for 4 decades now. Shoaib Mansoor, the proud of Pakistani cinema has done an excellent job in not only touching a sensitive issue but also putting it in best possible manner. While one can agree/disagree to the views he tried to convey, there is no doubt about the fact that the movie itself is an international standard movie. I saw it in Karachi and it was a great experience. Interestingly 60-70% of the people there were (apparently) mullah’s. The movie has an excellent (in fact one of the best ever) script, with good performances by all. Cinematography & music is also good. Here are some links related to its release in INDIA (Video NEWS also given) :

MSN INDIA , , , Google News

3 Responses

  1. Although the stance it takes is extremely debatable, but Shoaib Mansoor has otherwise done a great job in a producing a Pakistani film actually worth watching

  2. Just because something has been made taboo doesnt mean that we should not talk about it at all.

    Problems that exists in our society should be solved and not sent under the carpet.

  3. it has on kufr saying,
    “khuda bhi sharminda ho raha hoga tumhe mard banane ke bad”

    this movie did no benefit to islam…instead spoiling sprituality of islam,
    it is showing that islam bound woman…and give no permission at the time of marriage…which is big false…..
    the producer and all team have to ask tauba otherwise sure they will be directed to HELL

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