ARB on Pakistan’s ruling Elite

Two days back i gave ARB the book i purchased in Expo center last year i.e Zero Point III by Javed chaudhry & i knew there would be something coming as soon he opens it. Yesterday his first SMS came

(JC in his book ZERO POINT-III mentions somewhere about how the President house had literally become a Prostitutes Den in 1971 during General Yahya’s time. He narrates few interesting stories on presidency. This SMS is written w.r.t that & he relates current situation in which the establishment shows no sign of quiting conspiracies against political setup)

” 1971 mai President house . . Sharab kabab ka adda tha . . . . aur aaj bhi . . fouj ka (sirf) chehra badla hai. . . . Kitney saal guzar gai . . . Zulmat e shab ki subah na hui “

But before that following SMS exchange took place. Above one was in the context of this previous exchange.

Aik baat batao
(1) wo kon kon se log hain jo chahtey hain k EDUCATION ko aam nai hona chaiye?
(2) wo kon kon se log hein jo nai chahtey k PAKISTAN develop ho?

ME –
TECHNICALLY wo jo progress ki definition se waqif nai, POLITICALLY wo jo awaam ko gulaam rakhna chahte hain, FACTUALLY wo jo hamare uuper hain hamari marzi ke saath/khilaaf, SPECIFICALLY ruling elite i.e Mullah Military Wadera Nawab Chaudhries plis WEST(ern world) to some extent.

JC (Javed Chaudhry) kehta hai . . . ki PAKISTAN ARMY . . . . hargiz nai chahti ki yahan EDUCATION ho, Nahi chahti ke mulk taraqqi karay. JC kehta hai ki har wo shaks (kisi bhi field ka) jo MULK (country) mai change laaney ki koshish kerta hai , ARMY ussey utha ker phaink deti hai. [JC ne gol moal ker ke likha hai mei ne tumhain direct bataya hai]”

ME – Saain aap mujhe kia bata rahey ho mai toh alal eylaan (openly ) ye kitnay arse se kehta araha hun ki MULLA plus MILITARY Pakistan ki progress mai sab se bari rukawat hain, ye siyasat daan toh saley sirf OPERATIONAL TOOLs or puppets hain.

———— END ————-

On other note i am quite disturbed on this website that i am seeing for a long time now i.e but what could i do. The ARMY elite in Pakistan has itself to blame for people turnign against it, in fact hating it. . .  Its time the establishment get their heads ready for a change else we are already loosing Balauchistan in next decade ( if atrocities continue) and a day would come when it would be too late , just like 71.

One Response

  1. FACTS ON THE GROUND IN PAKISTAN.Reference to the Islamic history and Pakistan’s independance period, I want to go a step further and will recomend to select/elect every Chief of Army staff as president after retirement and the present Army chief should be be given extra time for his oustanding services at national and international level and all other Corps. Commanders of the Army and COS of Airforce and Navy should be apponited Governors and Deputy Governors of the provinces and regions ( by creating regional governments in all four provinces, 2 in Punjab 1 in each province- these regions already exist based on language, culture and history , such as Saraiki, Potahari, Upper Sind-Sukkar, Dera Ismail Khan in NWFP and Gawadar- Balouch Area. And all additional bureaucrates who love to live in provincial capitals should be trasfered to these remote areas of the country. These new regions should invite and attrect the foreigner and Pakistani origin people to invest in the area to creat jobs and eliminate poverty.) This is the only way we can stop further intereption/ coup in Pakistan . After all armed forces personnel are wel diciplined and organized . And above all represent Pakistan’s divercified population.And it;s leadership do not transfer within family but earned by hardwork and talents only. Every second family in Pakistan is represented in the army one way or the other and the Pakistan Army is the only ever lasting popular party-yes it’s an important ruling party other than Bhuttos and anti-Bhuttos, Sharif brothers. With this arrangement no one is loser except few feudals and industrialists, who reprent non of the masses in Pakistan. We already have a quota system applied for superior services since 30 years and had killed thousands of innocent talented young people, why not try this arrangement for the welfare of the country which will effect none but very few so called politicians who after all deal with generals, behind the curtains.And it’s good to know that supporters of these politician are 500/600 Mafia families who live in 125 districts in Pakistan and provide so called public leadership for national, provincial and local levels. Any restriction to stop them is useless. Recent example of education condition brought their unseen educated women forward in politics. All 8000/9000 candidates in recent elections were from the same mafia group who are the biggest law breakers and around 1000 leading law breakers have been elected as new law makers who will take care of themselves but none. They all are involved in worst kind of crimes on this earth against humanity with the colaboration of junior police officials.An enquiry by a nuetral agency may prove my claim.WOULD THE EDITOR PUBLISH THIS LETTER in the larger interest of the nation. KHWAJA AFTAB ALI,(a former Secretary Iranian Embassy, Saudi Arabia,1975-88), first and only post graduate of Intellectual Property Laws on scholarship from USA. Residing in Orlando, Florida.U.S.A. email.all_languages@ phone 4077293983
    Posted by Khwaja Aftab Ali, Advocate & I.P. Attorney, Pakistan

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