Sardar Khalil ur Rehman – Liaqat Bagh – Offering prayers

Pakistan Peoples Party worker, Sardar Khalil Urrehman, offering prayers near Liaqat Bagh where Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. Excellent capture by Yawar.

[Image Credit: Yawar]

Chairman CBR – abhi toh mai jawan hun

Mind you i am not looking at this video from religious point of view but social. Its ironic that while few special have freedom of all type, others cannot even open their mouth. So much so for our independence. Only 1.6 million pakistani’s out fo 160 million pay their taxes. Abdullah Yusuf, Chairman CBR probably on other campaign to convince people to pay their taxes.

How to protest democratically

From Daily Express Newspaper

Nuclear Bomb nahi . . aata chaiye

Shaukat Aziz’s trickle down effect

A video for beggars

Everyday i come across more beggars than any of my friends, colleagues or people at work. Karachi has recently become a beggars city. While there is 10-15% of deserving beggars the majority is not only kaam chor beggars but some of them are young, fit faat but still dont wanna work. This video is for those people

PPP presents its first honey moon gift to MQM

No wonder GEO TV, ARY TV, AAJ and the rest of media is silent about this important and exclusive (read explosive ) findings by state officer Sher Afzal Khan as bhai log’s cannot be angered in KHI. THE NEWs has taken a bold step to publish the findings by Rauf Klasra . Continue reading

Some questions on Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry

Voice posted a comment on KMB which was though irrelevant to the post but a very excellent question package so i shall reply him here (not now but today or tomorrow). I am doing this as many others would be having the same questions and a clarification will be helpful in this regard. First read his comment:- Continue reading

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