The Circle in the Circus completes again

Well i was waiting for this day for a long time. There was so much pending at my side. It was only through patience till today which could prove me and what i have been saying for long time. I had so many people to convince till today. Today the CIRCLE in the CIRCUS completes.

I shall write in detail about the CIRCLE and the CIRCUS. This is a small, very visible circus that keep on repeating in PAKISTAN after every few years. This time it lasted for 9 years under the banner of Mr. Musharraf , now the past president.

Pakistan’s official Blood Suckers

BBC explores the blood suckers of a nation drowned in abject poverty. A country where basic health facilities are not available to 90% population, the below is sad state of affair.

Beijing Olympics 2008 – Stunning acrobats

Spectacular opening for Beijing Olympics‏

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