Karachi Bloggers Meetup – Resource pool

Recently Karachi bloggers had a meetup at Royal Rodale near Kinara restaurant. It was really wonderful, the way it was conducted, the activism of the participants and most notably the organizers. I (and i hope everyone karachi-bloggers-meetup there ) would like to thank all those behind the idea and those who conducted/managed it in such a brilliant manner. Rabia and Badar, CIO Pakistan, googli (google), WATEEN and others. Thank you so much for getting Karachi Bloggers under one platform. I wont say much here as, instead, i have decided to gather all resource pools under one roof by LINKing different blog and websites that have pics and videos and other stuff. I am quite pleased at the urdu bloggers who did a wonderful job, on scene and on blog. Please tell me more resources if you come across one so i can add them here:

1. Karachi Metroblog

2. CIO Pakistan (special thanks)


4. Deadpan Thoughts

5. Teeth Maestro

6. Urduweb

7. Justin.tv (special thanks – live streamed Karachi Bloggers meetup)

8. Teabreak

9. Blaster.wordpress

10. SAWJ

11. Ideas Hut

12. Mystakool

13. In the line of wire

14. Ibnezia

10 Responses

  1. Hey MB were you there? I missed the chance to meetya. btw where have u uploaded the rest of the pics?

  2. Would you like to add my virtual participation as stated on my blog jehanara.wordpress.com. Up to you 🙂

  3. its batster.wordpress
    just rename it
    make it batty

  4. thanks to link urduweb dicussion!!
    and wellcome your comment about urdu bloggers!
    Ammar (urdu blogger) also review the KBM08 http://ibnezia.com/blog/2008/12/kbm-08/

  5. Hey, thanks for adding my link!

  6. so unlucky. i was missed the event not because i have;t register or reached there.
    because i haven;t invited.
    i am blogging since last 1 year . but did not compete parameters who organized the event.
    can any body point me the link of Full video coverage of event.

  7. @FizDosani
    Everyone was invited on facebook and twitter. It was an open invitation, I suggest you to be a little more active on social networking front and trust me the organizers and Pakistani blogging community is very helpful and we dont leave anyone out 🙂

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  9. The Kinara Restaurant is the most beautiful Restaurant in the world.Nice picture, seems like a beautiful place, the most awesome thing look to it.I would love to go there.Thanks for the sharing. Shangrila Murree

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for searching wounder full blogs with us and such a beautiful restaurant and background, we will wait for more information about it, lots of greetings and will come back to read more.

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