HSBC Bank Party in Karachi

What you call this?

Enlightenment (the MUSH way of bullshitting on intellect)

or Moderation?

or BOTH ?

HSBC Bank Party in Karachi

HSBC Bank Party in Karachi

HSBC Bank Party in Karachi

HSBC Bank Party in Karachi

[Image : Lahore Pictures]

9 Responses

  1. Then HSBC & this dancer & Co. must realize that they cannot serve two masters the truth will set them free and these above pictures most certainly is the truth.
    Almighty may enable them to judge to see the right path before their own death.

  2. let us start a campaign “down with HSBC”. multinationals are infact all involved in promoting this culture in the muslim world 😦

  3. These are fake pictures, one should at least try to confirm before posting on blog.

  4. Hi

    today i recieved an e mail and these pictures were attacthed with and there was written” The modreted Pakistan”

    .dear brothers i m so confused

    its true that after Musharraf’s fake policies and the independence which he gave to the women of Pakistan the whole atmpsphere of Pakistan is now changed but is it true??
    woman were indipendent b4 musharaf , Islam gave them the real independence ,
    , i am in very bad situation that i am not believing on these pix.

    any1 can help me?

  5. Dear
    I need some information about Brazilian cane sugar icumsa-45, that is there any Bl? if there is any record of above mentioned sugar Bl so please reply me.
    We have come to know so that there were a great deal of sugar, i think 25,000 have a record in HSBC Bank in karachi main branch.
    i shall be highly thankful to you
    Please urgent reply today or now yet if posible.
    with best regard
    Shabbir Ahmed Memon
    Contact# 0300-9229126

  6. WTF burn hsbc

  7. Asking for a TSUNAMI ???

  8. really pathetic shame on HSBC n on all ppl who sitting over there SHAME ON U bluddy idiots (frustratd crowd)its nt abt the policy of any president its abt our culture our setups n abt every individual how they can promote this vulgarity this is islamic country for GOD sake think wot u ppl are doing really shamefull n disgusting

  9. hi

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