2nd Lieutenant Fahd hola backs from Chaman

This dude i met in previous office is very intelligent grad from NED. Though we were

not able to spend much time together but whatever we had it was great. So from chaman comes this bunlde of pics and i can see him getting smart and tough as the time passes. Indeed these guys will be one day the pride of the nation. Best of luck dude and i hope you dont fall into that “Bloody Civilians” crap category of Generals.

Nano Second – what it means

Pakistan – A failed state?

A bitter truth . . . and article from Hindustan Times


Zaid Hamid and Hassan Nisar on people of Pakistan and its Leadership

The young generation must see these videos if they want change

Puppet Musharraf in WEST to collect his reward

Full here
Mr. Musharraf is on world tour these days and will be busy collecting the rewards for his faithfulness in 8 years from WESTern world. If readers remember, year back we wrote, and also it was obvious that once he quits power he will be  A GOOD BOY and like many other civilian and military leaders in pakistan suddenly act like a wise man and so therefore this piece sent to me by ARB.

When i wrote on different forums back in June 2007 that the Lal Masjid is a drama (make few fanatics BIG EVILs and then kill them) orchestrated to divert attention from the Chief Justice case people called me nuts. But like on other occasions its proving exactly the same. Especially if you check the Jawabdeh program featuring Ijaz-ul-Haq, Ch. Shujat Hussain and others you would come to know very easily what the game was behind-the-scene. Musharraf says the Lal Masjid tackling was a mistake. He is WRONG , it was a perfect drama and handled excellently by his ISI and didnt he got the end result he wanted to? Well who cares about the death of few hundred innocents. Precious is the life of few faoujiz, the Major/ Colonel etc. Isnt that what is taught in Army ? (bloody civilians? )

What i didnt get is and like ARB says in his email why should WEST try to understand Pakistan. Who the hell cares man!! Has any of our leader tried what he is advising the WEST? Its ironic that these leaders are different when in power and completely different when sitting idle lecturing. Its pitty that a university of STANDFORD’s standard had to invite a dictator to lecture on democracy, rule of law, world peace. Its pity that the guy who used all repressive tactics to shun his opponents will now be teaching the WEST on patience and the need for reconciliation. Reconciliation a word that in his dictionary means shaking hands with plunderers and looters of 170 million people. And its pity that a guy behind the murder of 50 innocents in broad day light will be lecturing on humanity and resolution of conflicts through dialogue.

This also goes to show that the WESTern world is not sincere in its efforts for a sustained democracy in Pakistan where it has always supported dictators and corrupt leaders. We never saw the WEST trying to help a good leader reach the power corridors. We never saw them condemning MUSH on missing people issue . . . (Hellooo…!!! human rights??? Helloooo!!) . Mukhtara Mai was a big deal for them ( and it was indeed generally speaking) but 600 missing people was no issue. And when a Chief Justice tries to establish rule of law, their puppet kicks him out and they are with him. Bravo!!! Mr Musharraf forgets about his own record when he talks about understanding the difficulties of Pakistan (or pakistaniz for that matter). So pity that STANDFORD places itself among those who approve repressive regimes and its icons.

Relax . . you are not the only one to fail

There are others , few below 🙂

[Credits : Anonymous forwarded by email]

Joke of the day

One way to start the day on a good note is to read a joke and here was one i came across today.


from Express

Bill, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett

Bill and Warren you rock!!

Saudi Arabia – The Secret Royal Life

Might is Right – The last call

This image appeared in today’s express goes to show that even after UN there is a universal standard that is followed to achieve global goals. The standard is an old one,
1100554547-11 as old as the man himself and is known as MIGHT IS RIGHT. This is what the ISRAILis call “The right to defend” i.e by eliminating the Palestinians through a wicked and careful plan. While the whole MUSLIM world wanderers in darkness this picture might just be a part of history only, very soon, if the last call is not heard as GAZA burns.

Prince Harry racist remarks against Pakistan

Hassan Nisar – On Pakistani Nation in contemporary world

Just today in morning i was watching SAMAA TV in which one of the participants Mr. Rashid (don’t know full name) in program Halqa-e-Fikr was talking about the different latest feudal groups in pakistan namely the Political parties (PML,PPP,MQM,ANP etc.), the Generals, the waderaz and the Mullahz etc. Something on that later on but it all trickles down from the first world, whose prime source to keep our nation slave by a colonial script is the above mentioned groups. Hassan Nisar speaks about the inferiority complex we are building by choice or by force in a different way at a common man level with respect to different class levels.  Note his views on BENAZIR BHUTTO and the attitude of her fans. Worth pondering.

Bakhtawar writes a song for Benazir Bhutto

Bakhtawar, now 18, pays tribute to her mother, late Mrs. Benazir Bhutto in her song “ I Would Take the Pain Away”

Following is purely fromt he point of view of a MUSIC fan and nothing else.

Flowers selling flowers on seaview Karachi

Over the last few years one evil that has taken over Karachi are these kids selling flowers etc. to visitors at different places. The evil part is not the “SELLING”. Its that they have been forced to do it in an innocent age and they dont even know what they are doing. The worst part is, they beg for money if you dont buy. Thats like an advance version of begging only. An another version is the kids standing at traffic signal and wipe windscreen. And again they do it without our approval. If you act harsh they dont reply, they just start begging then. As i have been writing it for sometime at KMB its goes to show a commulative degradation in our society. It goes to show that (a) the gov. has absolutely no interest in the welfare concept of our religion (b) society as general is callous (c) there is a inaapropriate distributtion of wealth in our contry and its growing (thanks to people like SHAUKAT AZIZ and obviously all the previous ones whose only task was to help banks. oil companies etc. profit in big numbers instead of GRASS ROOT level changes). (d) these people have lost faith in system and they have only few options which are either to beg, or do this or the worst case scenario start getting into the CRIME WORLD.

Pakactive – Credit chor

I just did this post on publicmb and KMB on Jan 6 and next day Jan 7 PAKACTIVE had this post on their blog. But but but . . .  do you see any problem ???? Right !! They copied the photo taken by me without credits.pakactive. Too bad . . . Why people hate to give credits to the source? They were so tired to even copy paste that they didnt bother checking the IMAGE URL (https://publicmb.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/veena-malik.jpg?w=468&h=321) showing on image (refering to my publicmb . . . lolzz)

PTA trying to save Salman Taseer

Urooj Zia reports on THE NEWS that “The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued directives in the last week of December to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), ordering them to block a list of six webpages on the grounds that they were “harmful for the integrity of the country.” Explaining further she mentions following websites that came under hammer:

Being a reader of these websites, i searched for something that i have missed that is against so called the INTEGRITY of the STATE and i fail to find one. So what this was all about? Urooj explains that “Most of the blocked webpages contained articles which claimed to provide information about Punjab Governor Salman Taseer’s “history”; others had pictures of members of Taseer’s family at lavish parties thrown recently at the Punjab Governor House“.

Well well so PTA is again acting like a personal puppet for political masters this time, just like it did for the dictator earlier. Having not surprised by this, since PTA also comes under GOV. i was just wondering about the people who run PTA. What criteria they set when they decide upon blocking websites. It is sad to note that the political leadership of this country still sleeps in 20th century and they think they can suppress the free voices. Just because a colorful clown has to be protected in PUNJAB the gov. has decided to use the stick. The atrocities against Balauchiz is not harmful for the unity of the state, the killings of innocents at Western border, the injustice to Urdu speaking in KHI in 80s, are all ignored and few websites have suddenly become THREAT FOR THE UNITY OF THE STATE, WHAT THE FUCK

I dont see how these website will fight it out if they decide to challenge the order in court( that is if they do) since Dogar is also present. No Iftikhar for any hope too. Enlightenment and ModeratIon MY ASS . . .

Veena Malik – Miss World

According to this source, veena malik is coming very soon on Duniya TV to “secure her fame” and therefore this huge board on SF that i captured

Veena Malik Miss World

Veena Malik Miss World

Back to Me – Soul Music

As i said again, MUSIC is the second name for peace in my dictionary .

Rumi Poems

Say i am You

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Test Widget

I made this widget at MyFlashFetish.com.

My Dream Kids from Heaven

GOD !! look at the innocence and the cuteness . . . They are so sweet . . . awww !!


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