Flowers selling flowers on seaview Karachi

Over the last few years one evil that has taken over Karachi are these kids selling flowers etc. to visitors at different places. The evil part is not the “SELLING”. Its that they have been forced to do it in an innocent age and they dont even know what they are doing. The worst part is, they beg for money if you dont buy. Thats like an advance version of begging only. An another version is the kids standing at traffic signal and wipe windscreen. And again they do it without our approval. If you act harsh they dont reply, they just start begging then. As i have been writing it for sometime at KMB its goes to show a commulative degradation in our society. It goes to show that (a) the gov. has absolutely no interest in the welfare concept of our religion (b) society as general is callous (c) there is a inaapropriate distributtion of wealth in our contry and its growing (thanks to people like SHAUKAT AZIZ and obviously all the previous ones whose only task was to help banks. oil companies etc. profit in big numbers instead of GRASS ROOT level changes). (d) these people have lost faith in system and they have only few options which are either to beg, or do this or the worst case scenario start getting into the CRIME WORLD.

One Response

  1. it is no what next situation.
    this is what we hav been seeing

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