2nd Lieutenant Fahd hola backs from Chaman

This dude i met in previous office is very intelligent grad from NED. Though we were

not able to spend much time together but whatever we had it was great. So from chaman comes this bunlde of pics and i can see him getting smart and tough as the time passes. Indeed these guys will be one day the pride of the nation. Best of luck dude and i hope you dont fall into that “Bloody Civilians” crap category of Generals.

2 Responses

  1. well one surely gets tougher and more toxic as the time passes. there does exist a category named bloody juniors in educational institutions. i don’t understand what pride we will get from these cowboys.

  2. Everyone who has read my writings know that i am very open in criticizing the khaki wardi wala’s especially GENERALs but having said that there is no doubt that the junior level officers are indeed the pride of nation as they are the ones who really word hard at ground level to ensure the security of our motherland. Its only when they reach the Brig. level when evil creeps into their soul and they start acting like KINGs used to in old days.
    History tells us that all those Army officers who were promoted by violating the merit played havoc with the destiny of this nation e.g Zia and Musharaf and those who came on merit did their job in proper manner.

    Lets hope this dude stays patriotic to the country in future and not a CLASS OF ELITEs

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