Rupturing heaven – Nadeem Farooq Paracha

Also read The Long Road to Talibanisation by Nosheen Ali at Awab’s blog. Well written and a good insight i must say.

A protest in Peshawar as violence in the region grows. (File Photo) ‘Faced with pressure and violence from Islamists, many regimes in the Islamic world have historically tried to work out their survival by giving into a number of regressive and myopic demands of the Islamists.’

ln 1979, an alarming incident occurred in the Islamic world, which most history books across the Muslim realm have almost completely expunged from its pages.

However, today the details of this violent incident are slowly making their way out thanks to various Muslim and Western historians who believe that within this incident lies the chance to study the roots of modern-day Islamic extremism.

On November 20, 1979, a group of armed Saudi fanatics entered the premises of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. The group was being led by a man called Juheyman bin Muhammad. With him as his second-in-command was one Muhammad Abdullah. Continue reading

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