Qamruzzaman Kaira and Limousine

Dheet awaam , Begairat Leadership

is the statement that comes in mind here. I say to awaam that You vote for them so pay the price now. While Sawat burns here is our classic culture of the elite. Now i understand what Zardari means when he says PPP ka falsafa-e-Jumhuriat . . . i.e roti Kapra Makan – Chumkao apni dukaan. One more lanat on MUSHARRAF for gifting us an NROfied gang. PLUS  here is shaukat aziz kaarnamaaz at KMB i posted today.






2 Responses

  1. It is good example we should not worry. It is their right. They are paying the money to others not hoarding it. Spending money is good sign. They got aid 1.5 billion per year but spent
    more than that for the first year. Good business. No accountability. might is right.

  2. where is the limo!?!

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