Hassan Nisar whips on Pseudo-Religious-Nationalists Ass

Video 1/2

Video 2/2

2 Responses

  1. its all rubbish. He is no one to pass his own judgements and distort history

  2. Hasan Nisar is a person who tries to be over smart and thinks that in entire Pakistan he is the most intelligent and educated person and rest of the pakis r dumb terminal. I have watched his several program on TV and this guy only knows how to bash Muslims and Pakistan. He says that over 500 years muslims have not produced even a single mind. He just keeps on quotating Abdus Salams achievement of noble prize that he won for physics but why doesnot this same Hasan Nisar mentions about Anayat Ullah Mashriki who also made great contribution to science?
    Was not Allama Iqbal a great mind?UR Hassan Nisar says that the world doesnot know Allama Iqbal? This ignorant doesnot even know that in China their are several Urdu Univ where Chinese read and do research on the work of Allama Iqbal and a revolution came in Iran because of Allama Iqbals poetry and Iranians themselves admire Allama Iqbals work. Does Hasan Nisar even know that Orhan Pamuk a Turkish Novelist won a Noble Prize for his contribution to Literature in 2006?

    He keeps on bashing Pakistan that Pak hasn’t done anything good.
    This ignorant fool doesnot even know that PIA(Pakistan International Airline) produced 10 Airlines and Emires is 1 of them. Who trained the staff of Emirates and Thai Airways? What Pakis lack is direction and the scientific and technological environment.
    If u think ur Hassan Nisar is a big shot then why doesnot he do anything for Pakistan? What has he done for Pak?
    Do u even know how Korea made progress?

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