How to cash your wife’s Death

Who says death brings sadness only? It can bring cash too . . .

Why this man is bringing his personal matters to public over an international forum? Is he representing his country there as PAKISTANs president or a woman’s husband ?


Crime Control – PAK Police style

Read this first. . .
The level of incompetency is unmatchable in our leadership therefore one shouldn’t be surprised if following legislative changes are made in future:
– In order to control car theft, a new law which will make it illegal to leave one’s vehicle without at least one person inside.
– A new law to control mobile snatching which will ban public usage of any mobile phone. This has been decided in best public interest. Special mobile booths will be established where people will go to make a call. This booth will have one security guard. (all this obviously at your tax money)
– Some gov officials have suggested to close all shops after 9pm to avoid robbery. It has also been suggested that a ban on carrying cash above 25K be banned & any amount above this be first approved from a/an (in)competent gov authority or local nazim-office.
– All Jewelry shop owners have been instructed to erect 6×6 ft. iron grills between customer and counter. Customers can make choice by image/video aid which will be made available by shop owners.

Jasmeen Manzoor vs Abid Sher Ali – Cant handle the heat ?

This is more about one of the MOST INCOMPETENT TV HOST rather ABID share ali. Abid and many other politicians are retards and shout very often on TV but this is about how a host conduct a program. She is behaving so childishly like a DON , not a tv host. She deliberately let him shout first & didnt block his mike at the beginning. She let the guy get onto an emotional stupidity level to increase her program’s rating and then in an attempt to fire fight doing damage control in end. Our politicians are idiots and they quite often start shouting, if she is on a NATIONAL TV seen by millions she should have the ABILITY to handle such people.

Wardi wale jamhuriat Lejainge – coming soon‏

NN has ripped the establishment puppets well here in starting paraz. I never consider NN as a clean person himself but only fools search for BLACK n WHITE in PAKISTAN. I admire his analysis skills.

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