a Class commentray on Pakistan’s Upper Class and Elites

I found following comments by someone so good that i decided to compile them into a post. The words are actually the complete picture of our burger bachaz and upper class elites who cant stop commenting on Religious fundamentalists, Mullaz etc.
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Comment :
Anonymous said…
when you refer to ‘modern muslim scholars’ as nut jobs please refrain from using an all encompassing term. the muslim scholars here in the west are very educated and shine an islamic light on almost every pertinent modern issue within the classical (and superior) framework of islam. just some of these scholars includes: yasir qadhi , hamza yusuf , abdul hakim murad , tawfique chaudhry

the list is endless and if you bother to read some of their articles- you might actually escape from you extremist anti-islam position (ironically YOU are no different to christian evangelical nutjobs in this respect). just one of a million such enlightening articles is linked here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2009/oct/12/islam-economics-religion

you are, however, fairly representative of a well-educated pakistani brought up with a natural aversion to islam (whether you like it or not). it does not suit you, your family or your lifestyle so you try and discredit it whenever you get the chance. muslim scholarship in pakistan may be a problem, but people who inherited a post-colonial sense of entitlement like yourself are responsible for it. how many middle class pakistanis with a child who’s half good in school think ‘i’ll send him to learn islam or send him to the best islamic university abroad’? . . . none. and THEN they complain about the nutjob muslim scholars in their country that do exist. pakistan’s ‘islamic’ problem is a product of it’s own middle and upper classes hate of islam. how many people from aitchison, lahore grammer, karachi grammar, lyceum or any good school go on to learn classical islam? its not like the institutions aren’t there – the oldest degree awarding institution in the world is an ISLAMIC university (guiness book of records – look it up). why don’t you or NB aspire that one of your child(ren) attend not only a top western institution but also a top islamic one and reforge the absent islamic scholarship of pakistan??? islamic theology is just as revolutionary as it ever was – ‘muslims’ like yourself unfortunately are where the real problems lie. muslims in the west, alhamdulillah, haven’t been brought up with this colonial baggage – its not ‘cooler’ to be western and anti-islam where we were brought up and that’s why we don’t have an islamic scholarship issue. i’ve been to pakistan – i’ve seen wannabe rich kids who try SO hard to live a western lifestyle and pride themselves on being oh so liberal/cool. they go study abroad and come back to complain about a country that they were completely detached from growing up anyway. nothing could demonstrate this better to me than an educated, pakistani, so-called muslim individual like AKS obtaining his ‘islamic’ knowledge on a topic from the BBC! do you know how ridiculous you look? Continue reading

Black Stains in Pakistan’s History – 2

Full Article here

Clean your mess before you Exit

khi_mb2When i was young my elders keep paying “tribute” to the man known as ZIA . . . i always wondered what the heck with this man why everyone (around me) hates him. I was too young to understand things. As i grew i came to know the scale of poison this man had injected in our country. This pic below i took 30 min back reminds of the evil we are facing. From the outset nothing is happening in this pic but i’ll tell you. These 4 fouji jawanz on 2 bikes were constantly being a pain in my ass since neither they were leaving the fast lane nor allowing me to pass. What more, they were even not allowing anyone to come close. On two occasions the guy sitting back at right used hath ka ishara asking me to stop (sort of) to stay back on 2 turns. While seeing these vehicles was routine in KHI this never happened before, except for VIPz obviously. For a moment i felt myself being a terrorist. But from their perspective i guess they were doing the right thing because we already know how the terrorists were attacking the officers these days. Recently we had 2 brigadiers being attacked, one embracing shahadat (so called). And i think we should support them and bear inconvenience for a while.

But this is not the point i wanted to make here. My point was does the officer sitting in this vehicle understands how their decisions in one era create a huge impact for the future generations? Does he understand that this “TERRORIST” is their product from GHQ laboratories of 80s. That he (and his org) is equally responsible for all the mess. We cant allow them to simply incite religious emotions at one time for Jihad and then take a U-turn after 2 decades. The question , we , as citizens be asking these fellows is, now that they are feeling the heat, will they not repeat history and have they understood well the old quote : As you sow so shall you reap. We cant allow our ARMY to manufacture one WHOLE NEW GENERATION of JIHADIST and push the EXIT button on a call from Washington .

We strongly need to tell them that please clean your own mess first before you EXIT.

Kishwar Naheed and our Kaam Chor Nation

Kishwar Naheed made a statement about our nation here i didnt have to wait much to read this in paper today . .
I had included the “Afsar Shahi” at the very top (here) for some SPECIAL reasons . . one of their motto being . . . na kaam kerna hai na kerne dena hai unlike ARMY whose motto is apni marzi se kaam kerna hai


THOUSANDth of a Second . . . Must Read


Black Stains in Pakistan’s History – 1

Some adventures of General Niazi :


Nawaz Sharif and his intelligent team


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