Pakistan – The Feudal Structure and its components

The map shows the participation of different components this feudal setup (strongest at top – weakest at bottom). This is apart from exceptions, please bear in mind since every group has few good men. The color shows links which show control and sub-control. And obviously everyone controls THE COMMON MAN who is himself a component of this feudal setup. The countries at the top makeup the most invisible parts whose all decisions have direct/indirect consequences to the components underneath and this circle goes till end at bottom.

3 Responses

  1. […] much to read this in paper today . . I had included the “Afsar Shahi” at the very top (here) for some SPECIAL reasons . . one of their motto being . . . na kaam kerna hai na kerne dena hai […]

  2. […] } I have often written about the feudal mentality of our military elite and this is one just […]

  3. nice and innovative…

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