a Class commentray on Pakistan’s Upper Class and Elites

I found following comments by someone so good that i decided to compile them into a post. The words are actually the complete picture of our burger bachaz and upper class elites who cant stop commenting on Religious fundamentalists, Mullaz etc.
Original full post : http://fiverupees.blogspot.com/2009/10/curious-fundamentalist.html

Comment :
Anonymous said…
when you refer to ‘modern muslim scholars’ as nut jobs please refrain from using an all encompassing term. the muslim scholars here in the west are very educated and shine an islamic light on almost every pertinent modern issue within the classical (and superior) framework of islam. just some of these scholars includes: yasir qadhi , hamza yusuf , abdul hakim murad , tawfique chaudhry

the list is endless and if you bother to read some of their articles- you might actually escape from you extremist anti-islam position (ironically YOU are no different to christian evangelical nutjobs in this respect). just one of a million such enlightening articles is linked here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2009/oct/12/islam-economics-religion

you are, however, fairly representative of a well-educated pakistani brought up with a natural aversion to islam (whether you like it or not). it does not suit you, your family or your lifestyle so you try and discredit it whenever you get the chance. muslim scholarship in pakistan may be a problem, but people who inherited a post-colonial sense of entitlement like yourself are responsible for it. how many middle class pakistanis with a child who’s half good in school think ‘i’ll send him to learn islam or send him to the best islamic university abroad’? . . . none. and THEN they complain about the nutjob muslim scholars in their country that do exist. pakistan’s ‘islamic’ problem is a product of it’s own middle and upper classes hate of islam. how many people from aitchison, lahore grammer, karachi grammar, lyceum or any good school go on to learn classical islam? its not like the institutions aren’t there – the oldest degree awarding institution in the world is an ISLAMIC university (guiness book of records – look it up). why don’t you or NB aspire that one of your child(ren) attend not only a top western institution but also a top islamic one and reforge the absent islamic scholarship of pakistan??? islamic theology is just as revolutionary as it ever was – ‘muslims’ like yourself unfortunately are where the real problems lie. muslims in the west, alhamdulillah, haven’t been brought up with this colonial baggage – its not ‘cooler’ to be western and anti-islam where we were brought up and that’s why we don’t have an islamic scholarship issue. i’ve been to pakistan – i’ve seen wannabe rich kids who try SO hard to live a western lifestyle and pride themselves on being oh so liberal/cool. they go study abroad and come back to complain about a country that they were completely detached from growing up anyway. nothing could demonstrate this better to me than an educated, pakistani, so-called muslim individual like AKS obtaining his ‘islamic’ knowledge on a topic from the BBC! do you know how ridiculous you look?

10/30/09 11:29 AM
Anonymous said…
What S badly needs seems to be a peace of mind after going through the violent mental agitations of sex surgery.. It is not surprising that S turned religious because it is the easiest access of mental calm. But what’s very weird is how S turned into a fundo..
It’s very curious that S couldn’t find a non-fundamentalist version of religion to obtain the same redress. Also the curious shape-shifting of S seems to mirror the very politics of Pakistan.. and its enchantment with USA. Stranger than fiction indeed…

Anonymous said…
i make a difference where i live and don’t complain. most pakistanis of aks’s ilk live and complain about pakistan whilst they party it up in london and nyc. even in pakistan they lead a western and elite life, completely cut-off from the rest of society and then complain as if any of society’s ills actually affect them. how can they complain about islamic leadership in their country when their social subset is the very reason that only the dumbest in society attend religious schools? the british raj awarded position and power to those subjects who disavowed allegiance to anything other than the british. as a result, the more you assimilated with the british, the greater honour you were bestowed with. they particularly wanted to marginalize islam as it required allegiance to other than them and hence the ‘best’ of society were those least attached to islam. unfortunately many pakistani family’s inherited this colonial mentality and fervertly attach their social standing to how unislamic they can be – i’ve seen it myself. the likes of aks are a product of this society and although it might not be their fault – they share the blame when they wrongly point the finger at others. their professed and dramatic outrage at innocent deaths masks the fact that they only complain because it was perpetrated by those under an islamic banner. you don’t get blogs on here about the scores more (1000x?) innocent civilians killed by the pakistani army and the us army in pakistan and afghanistan do you? does anyone even keep tabs on the allegations of rape in us-run jails in afghanistan? of course not. but one girl is beaten by the taliban and the whole english-speaking blogosphere of pakistan erupts. both are wrong but there is no moral equivalence. it is hypocrisy to the extreme by aks to take this approach. the authors of this blog are the type of people when actually probed about what they believe in, face to face when they can’t hide behind a mozilla tab, will end up admitting they believe in absolutely nothing.

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  1. This is absolutely untrue. I am personal testament to this being untrue. I was privileged to study at one of the more privileged schools in Karachi and did bachelors and masters in good universities in the US. I have concentrated on Islamic thought and Islamic political movements. I have another friend who studied Islamic philosophy. And yet other people that I can name that study Islamic law and classical thought. Yes, I did not go to Al-Azhar…but Al-Azhar isn’t the hub of thought anymore…there are excellent depts in the US and the UK. Not every scholar of Islam and Muslim communities dons a turban and starts preaching…Some write and others contribute in other ways.

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