Black Stains in Pakistan’s History – 3

Whenever people like Mansoor used to argue with us on MUSH (or Military to be specific) muje us ki la-ilmi per hansi aati thi but we understood his problem i.e since he is himself part of the CLASS he couldnt think against it and this rationally puts a barrier to find truth. In case he ever bother to read something about our “Bahadur” wardi walaz he might find this page. . . before he attacks our politicians . . I keep saying this time and again that the wardi walaz are lucky that our NATION is sleeping and doesnt know their karnamaz from PAST and PRESENT . . [ click on image for FULL view ]

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  1. It is a daunting debate at this time of terror visiting and revisiting our cities, day after day, as to where one should draw the line between fending for oneself and creating a sense of panic while doing so. The debate basically revolves around fear and prudence. For instance, anxiety has gripped the parents of many school-going children today. Authorities in Lahore keep closing down private schools that are not found to be ‘prepared’ enough to face a terrorist attack

  2. Sir,

    Excellent, here is more to be added in your post:

    Characters were General Fazl-e-Haq [Former Governor NWFP], Air Marshal Shamid Anwer and his relative Khursheed Anwer Mirza and last but not the leased the crooked Banker of BCCI Agha Hasan Abedi [Money Launderer for Colombians, Panamanians and Contra above all US CIA]

    It was Hamid Husnain [Former Habib Bank Executive] adopted son of General Zia who was caught in a Narcotics Case and the then US Government intervened because “Jihad” was in full swing!!! Background is as under – Read the facts after Religious Text. Narcotics, Drug Trade and Islam

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