A Heavy dose of Truth – Can we take it ?

minar-pakistanWhile reading at PKKH i came across this comment which i couldn’t stop reproducing since it was a good summary of a reality we PAK don’t want to accept. Over the internet while i frequently find deluded-patriots (Paranoid Delusions?) who just cant stop vomiting anti-INDIAN (and obviously USA Israel etc.) propaganda instead of looking into their own collars first. There is no doubt about the conspiracies our enemies are hatching in PAK (mainly Balochistan etc.) but i find myself fortunate to see things rationally, as an OVER ALL picture and not focus a specific TIME or an ERA and i believe this is the best way to UNDO the wrong doings of 60 odd years i.e

>> Identification of the PROBLEM, Pin-pointing the culprits, Thinking a resolution, planning, implementing and ensuring a mechanism to continue the plan for a progress.

Unfortunately, 99% of the people who blog/write/comment over internet talk about the last step first , from above and this leads them no where and to hide their failure they drag India, Israel, USA into their statements.

More interesting is the fact that when you try to bring this deluded group towards reality the first thing they do is TAG you as anti-pak , anti-this, anti-that, Indian agent bla bla . .  since they are out of words to reply. I can only sympathize with such fellows as i understand that from class 1 to 10 and way up to University level there is a “complete package” in our educational system to DESIGN our minds in a PARTICULAR way (like its done in many countries around the world esp. in a Zionist system) and when we hear something very different form what is coded into our genes we immediately lash out at the person & this is quite NATURAL i guess . .

Coming back to topic, It is obviously common sense that OUR ENEMY is DOING what an ENEMY is supposed to do, that point should be a built-in variable in our equation, and the focus should be what we ARE or ARE NOT doing. And to do that we should first know what went wrong in 60 odd years . . . and hence this comment by some Yogi over PKKH, RED highlighted are the ones i do not agree with, in my view. By the way Yogi has pictured INDIA as bara hee masuum bacha jis ne kabi kuch kya hee nai PAK ke khilaf but well, more on it some later time


For all these years since independence the Pakistani military has managed to keep its people under an evil illusion – feeding them dogmatic morsels of anti-India propaganda,only to serve its own supremacist interests. Spreading canards about Indians – and Hindus has been a pet favourite – conveniently forgetting that Pakistani military has not won a single war with the so called ‘Hindu ‘India.It has only suffered reverses – 1971,1965, Siachien, Kargil and now the proxy war in Kashmir.The truth is that Pakistan is failing because of the extremist component in its Army – which has emptied up all its coffers and carved a strategy which was bound to fail.The Pakistani Army top brass has become an oligarchy in itself – impossible to reign in domestically.From Yahya to Gen Zia to Musharraf – all military rulers have ruined the identity of Pakistan.If only Pakistan could have become what its founding father wanted it to become – a liberal state with Muslim majority – and not a Islamic theocracy which Zia almost made it – the fate of the Indian subcontinent would have been very different.The Pak Army created the Taliban – hand in glove with America – and now is fighting the same monster for its survival.Americans continue to use Pakistan like a condom and Pakistanis cannot do anything but to accept their fate.Pakistani Army propaganda machine paints India as a ‘anti-Islamic’ country,forgetting that there are more Muslims in India than the whole of Pakistan.India has prominent Muslims in every walk of life – there have been two Muslim Presidents so far.India’s present Vice President is a Muslim.India’s top businessman and internationally recognised IT czar – Azim Premji also belongs to the faith.The point is that india continues to move on a constitutionally defined liberal path – secular,socialist and democratic.India has its many flaws but overall there is lots of optimism about the country.Pakistan is nowhere there – it remains tied up in its own contradictions.Unless Pakistanis see who their real enemy is – there is little hope of their country.The real enemy continues to play the Great Game,preferring to keep Pakistan as a pawn in the game.Pakistanis cannot see beyond India – some like to derive childlike pleasure in deriding small issues ,forgetting that this has no consequence for the future of their country.Pakistan needs to grow up and spit its venom of jealosy somewhere else – the foreigners continue to use Pakistan as a ‘nautch girl’ – dancing to their too familiar tunes.The country lives on doles – its ex-President is on the run.He cannot come back to the country after brandishing himself for 8 years as the saviour of Pakistan.The so called ‘father’ of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb lives under house arrest!The biggest misfortune is that Muslims have become Pakistan’s existential enemies – who are Taliban after all?The Punjabi terrorists,created by Pak Army have turned on to their masters.Pakistan has a crisis going on in every sphere of life – electricity,agriculture,economy,security and education.Extremists have gained upperhand over pragmatists and moderates.People like Zaid Hamid and Ahmaid Quereshi continue to poison young minds with anti-India propaganda.The saner lot of Pakistanis need to counter these merchants of hate and tell their folks that Hindus and Muslims lived in harmony for many years and the two-nation theory is a faulty theory.Today very few people bother about religion – they are worried about rozi-roti,bijli,pani,sadak.So wake up – face the real enemy and end the evil cycle of hatred.Religion alone is not going to take you anywhere in life.Pakistanis can never remove India from themselves because they came from there – they like Indian Bollywood movies (where Muslim stars rule),their favourite singers are Lata,Asha,Mohammad Rafi and Kishore.They secretly admire Sachin Tendulkar and Dhoni and they prefer to call themselves ‘Indians’ abroad(in the West)- so scared they are of retribution if described as Pakistani.’Paki’ has become a word of ridicule in the UK.All this has happened because the Army-extremist machine has created a distorted image of Pakistan internationally.So its high time the Pakistanis stopped listening to their Army-extremist propganda and started listening to their own conscience. Misconceived ideas like we ruled India for 1000 years should be sent to the dustbin of history because that is not important for Pakistan’s survival.What is important is to make peace with India and fight the common enemy of extremism and fundamentalism.All the best to the Pakistan Army in fighting their self-created brothers in arms in Waziristan!


[image : http://dildilpakistan.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/pakistan-image-gallery-1-historical%5D

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