Gillani – Ashamed of his National Dress ?

Look at the two guests. Our 2% lot which is mostly brought up in a WESTERN environment (at home) hardly sees any point in promoting their national culture at international levels. Compare it with Manmohan Singh.

3 Responses

  1. Not only Gillani but most of the Pakistani people think like that. People are least willing to wear their cultural dress when go abroad. But at least the representatives as the PM should represent the culture.

  2. When pointless pride comes to the fore, it is usually because more important issues are being buried. A downhill decline will ensue.

  3. The attire that you wear is not important. One has to be dressed well. More important than that is to represent your people with pride and dignity and honour.
    When you dance to the tune of the armed forces, it is a greater shame. You are then selling the freedom and honour of your people to authoritarian autocratic megha lo maniacs whodo not wish to represent the people by contesting elections but enjoy the benefits of power.
    Koran does not mean anything to these megha lo maniacs read “Sura 8 to Sura 17”

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