Frontier Post – What Supermacy ?

Shah Mahmood Qureshi – For Allah and For America

You have to keep both Happy to be in Power in PAKISTAN. Over decades, Pakistani elite have kept an impressive balance between local requirements and international PR demands.

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Interview with Professor Dr Abdus Salam

What a great man he was. His services to PAKISTAN will be remembered for ever. Thanks to ALLAH for giving PAK great minds like him.

Pakistan – One Coin 3 faces (Politicians – Army – Bureucracy)

Very informative discussion . . Hassan Nisar you rock !!

Zong Bijli Offer – Cashing Misery or Innovative Marketing?

My post might look strange to you but try to see the whole picture. I hate to say this but since last few decades’ corporate economy and politics have formed a strange composition. Capitalism is growing strong. Decades back, war was an evil thing, until recently when it became a profitable BUSINESS. Pakistan’s Dollar-centric WOT proves this point. Imagine, if all extremists (Taliban/Al-Qaeda) are killed, how we gonna get Dollars? Got the point? While corporate GIANTs are wasting billions in marketing, their REAL contribution to Society is shameful. Our corporate companies are more into Cosmetics for cameras. Telenor recently did this “Karo Mumkin” thing, a complete waste of money purely aimed at self promotion. Telecom companies earn in billions every year and can easily take an initiative to invest in POWER sector but over a decade they didn’t. Don’t know if this ad is cashing on people’s misery or good marketing. Will our corporate sector, which earns in billions from this nation, ever come up with a PURPOSEFUL project like opening 5 world class hospitals all over Pakistan or 5 universities or 50 colleges? Or donate 10 Fire Brigades to Quetta gov (as of now 17 hours have passed but the fire is not in control). Why Edhi has to ask for charity every time when acc. To unofficial figures PAK is one of world’s top philanthropy driven countries with estimated 75 to 80 billion rupees given in philanthropy every year. Where the heck all this money go? To madrassaz? To Schools? Hospitals? Talibanz? Or NOG pockets? Corruption ? Why Shaukat Khanum has to work hard to meet its expanses? Why nothing is changing on ground? Except few initiatives like Citizen Foundation which are truly a purposeful project. Is it because all this X-billion amount is being wasted by mismanagement? Is it because that doesn’t give enough “coverage” in papers? Is corporate philanthropy all about promoting brand names? Will we learn from Waren Buffet and Melinda Gates foundation?

Milk Murder in Pakistan

Warning !!

This video will make you hate milk . . . watch at your own risk

Newspaper : Media not being allowed to report Milk case and lab report and Melamine, detergents in packed milk, court told

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