PPP’s democratic revenge – Latif Khosa and Abidi insult, shout at IT executives

Wednesday, June 02, 2010
Khosa rejects charges
By Ansar Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to the PM on Information Technology Sardar Latif Khosa faces a mutiny-like situation in his ministry and from the Board of Directors of the two extremely wealthy telecom-specific private sector companies, which the minister heads, but wants to run them in his own style.

There are apprehensions about the fate of a huge fund of more than Rs 20 billion available with these companies. However, what is really a serious matter for Khosa is the opposition that he is facing from his own secretary as well as member telecom of the IT Ministry over the question of key appointments in these companies, which were created for research and development and for spreading modern telecom services in under-served areas of Pakistan. Already Khosa had a confrontation with his secretary in a recent Senate Committee meeting where yet another PPP Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi joined Khosa and shouted at the top officials of the ministry and these companies. The adviser is alleged to have violated the SECP rules as he ignored the Board of Directors of these companies to impose his own will to get his choice men appointed as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of these companies — the Universal Service Fund (USF) and National Information Communication Technologies Research and Development Fund ICTRDF.

Neither have these companies nor has their fund anything to do with the government as they are registered under companies act with the SECP and generate fund from the telecom operators to support their corporate objectives. The minister in-charge of the IT is the ex-officio chairman of these companies. Some directors are now seriously contemplating to remove Khosa as the chairman of their companies. Khosa, when contacted, insisted that he was strictly going by the book and wanted that the appointments of the CEOs of these companies should be made on merit and through a transparent procedure. He rejected the allegations that he wanted his choice men, including his brother-in-law, to be appointed as CEOs of these companies but said that he was really serious to scrutinize the projects of these companies.

Over the controversies surrounding the key appointments, Khosa has already suspended the company secretary following the intervention of the Senate Committee on IT where Senator Faisal Raza Abidi, interestingly, not only objected to the presence of USF CEO but also sought suspension of the company secretary. The sources said that Khosa and Abidi, who both belong to the presidential camp, used extremely insulting language against the secretary IT, CEO USF and company secretary in the committee meeting. At one stage, these sources said that one of the senators was heard threatening that he would personally go to the IT Ministry to beat the people there with shoes.

Khosa, the sources said, confronted Federal Secretary IT Najibullah Malik, who insisted that despite being the chairman of the USF Khosa has just one vote and he cannot override the powers and authority of the Board of Directors. In the rush of blood, Khosa during the Senate committee meeting announced the suspension of USF company’s secretary although the SECP rules say that the chairman of a company could sack the company secretary but only with the approval of the Board of Directors.

The secretary IT Ministry, member telecommunication IT Ministry and all other members of the USF BoD believe that the chairman USF could neither suspend the company’s secretary on his own nor he could initiate appointment procedure for the appointment of a new CEO USF.

Documents available with The News reveal that in one of its recent meetings, the board of USF, with the exception of Khosa, supported the proposal to give extension in the tenure of the incumbent CEO USF. Khosa instead objected that since the item seeking extension of the CEO USF was not part of the agenda, it should be brought before the board as part of the regular agenda for BoD’s consideration. The BoD agreed to the chairman’s view but decided that the CEO USF would continue till the filling of the post by the board. But later, Khosa asked the company’s secretary to advertise the post. The USF secretary told Khosa that it couldn’t be done without the approval of the board. The company secretary was asked to get the approval of the board members through circulation but it could not happen and most of the members did not reply whereas a few of the members, instead of giving approval to this, asked to take up the matter before the next board meeting.

In the case of the other company, ICTRDF, the sources said that Khosa wanted to appoint his brother-in-law as CEO ICTRDF but it could not happen because the selection committee did not shortlist the favourite’s name after his PhD degree was found to be fake by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The aspirant is serving in the CDA. Khosa, when contacted, denied that he intended to appoint his brother-in-law as CEO ICTRDF and said that if he wanted to do it, his relative’s name would have been short-listed. Najibullah Malik and Member Telecom, Ministry of IT, Mushtaq Ahmad Bhatti, when contacted by The News said the company act clearly envisaged the BoD was the competent authority and that the chairman of the company had no over-riding powers but had just one vote like any other member of the board.

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One Response

  1. The bureaucracy won. What is the good reason of appointing Secretary IT, Joint Secretary IT admin and Joint Secretary Development all Rtd army (Signal group) men. All of them were together in the army. It is a shame for the nation of Pakistan that they have no civilian for IT Ministry after destroying every department and Organization these retired army Col and Gen are now given the charge to destroy the IT Sector. What is their contribution for IT. The executive directors snacked by the Minister were the most corrupt and non IT & Telecom professionals.
    The honorable Secretary IT Rtd Col Najibullah Malik is the son in law of Gen Mujeeb ur Rehaman ex Secretary Information in Zia regime . He has served in Punjab Government and has brought bad name to the Government. He has provided services in Religious Affair (Hajjis quota) where everyone is aware of his great achievements for Hajji quota.
    There are only baseless roamers against the IT Advisor. What corruption he has done in four months, he is only trying to utilized the IT for the public services. The Minister Incharge is accused of having thoughts of placing his relative on a CEO post. Did he sack 4 Executives to get one post for his kin. He is removed from the charge on the basis that Secretary IT thinks he will do this and that what is on ground. People are accusing that he will do but have committed no crime so far in IT Ministry.
    Why the Ministry is so afraid of him, what they are hiding? We all know the progress and accusations on other Ministers. Does he has fake degree? Why the kind PM has taken action after knowing that he “might” do something wrong? What is the achievement of Ministry of IT and what is their contribution in last two years?
    We all know that IT has no share in providing services to the Citizens, the projects were to favour the big IT companies which all failed and no services for the Citizen. Do Retd Col Secretary IT would like to tell the Nation what is his achievement in the last two years in the Ministry of IT. He is not answerable to any of you. After his retirement he is enjoying full benefits of a Secretary and what is his qualification.
    Under his kingdom the IT Professionals are working as slaves. Do they have IT Cadre, job security, medical facilities or any reason to work for IT. The position of IT professionals under the Ministry is pathetic the cleric staff has been given more facilities then these slaves. Through these slaves the Executives are enjoying full powers. These IT professional (slaves) are deprived of basic human rights to control them. Who is responsible? Why should Secretary IT care, he is enjoying every facility after his retirement from army this country is for army and bureaucracy to suck the blood out of the veins of bloody civilian.
    PM should reconsider his decision and give some time to the Mr. Latif Khosa, let him do some cleanup.
    Ministry of IT should inform the nation what is their achievements in last two years.
    The IT professionals request the honorable PM to reinstate Mr. Khosa as Minister Incharge IT. My questions to the Secretary IT are:
    Universal Service Fund Company
    1. Why major chunk of subsidized projects was awarded to those companies who had their representation on the board of the USF Company e.g. PTCL and Telenor. PTCL got projects over 7.7 billion, whereas, they never paid a single rupee, as they were required to commission 83,000 lines in rural sector in-lieu of 1.5% of specified contribution by every licensee.
    2. Why CEO USF Mr. Perviaz was appointed without applying for the job and is still holding the position after expiry of his contract and has awarded 20 Billion Rs contracts.
    3. Why CEO of ICT R & D Fund Company awarded 33 out of 37 project without the consent of board and non of its project have any outcome.
    4. Why the hiring in the ICT & D is through the private sector, the employees were siding with their favorites for positions.
    5. Why the brother of Member Telecom is in USF and his wife in PTA.
    6. Why Member IT is on his position for last 10 years and so far failed to give a IT policy and define cadre for IT Professionals and still holds the position. Is there no one suitable for this position in Pakistan in last ten years?

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