Sialkot Incident – Every story has two sides

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Kon bagega Harap Pati – Zardari with Amitabh Bachchan

Zardari now with Amitabh Bachchan in Kon banega Harap Pati

Pakistan’s National Flag – Flag Movement

For those who don’t know PAKISTAN’S NATIONAL FLAG has been among one of the technically-best in the world. I have missed the URL for the post on this but hopefully I shall share when I find it again.  The starting part of this video is inspiring indeed and it is the reason i am sharing this video else the “Zaid Hamid” part in the end is pretty bad inclusion here.

Political Quotes – Plato

asifrazzaque on twitter shared this and i thought its quite intellectual so i am sharing:

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”

[ Plato ]

Pakistan – The writing on the Wall

Every person/country/nation/society has a wall on which there is a writing. On my emails group where I share all kind of political stuff and also do some summary-analysis few friends often inquire how I am able to do the right kind of analysis most of the time. I reply that one just needs to read the writing on the wall. Since I have been sharing lot of stuff over there I thought why not start same on my blog. If my readers recall I had dome an analysis on Kiyani’s extension and my predictions came 100% true i.e. like I had predicted, not only Shuja Pasha got an extension and so did Kiyani, the Kiyani-Zardari relation as mentioned below by SS simply echoes my prediction long time back. But like I said, its not a big deal, if you could separate (extract) information from TEXT its very easy to read the writing on the wall.

Cyber Jahalat – A new word in Dictionary in Pakistan

Word : Cyber Jahalat

Definition : A word to describe a group species who have devise a mechanism to prove that from the dirty ketchup in aalu chips to the electricity load shedding & from local mohalla crimes to the marriage of Shoaib Sania  there is a systematic link and finger prints of RAW MOSAD CIA and the ZIONIST CARTOONIST PENTAGOINST conspiracy against PAK and the this has been done to damage the Ghazwa-e-Hind project , a project by the last soldier and defenders of the Ummah, the CIC General Zaid Hamid & his leutant Ahmed Qureshi and assistant Maria B. with promotion duties given to Ali Azmat of the Junoon fame.

Age group affected: The new-comer cyber middle class of PAK who are emotional and sensitive regarding their nationalism and want to “do something” in space after getting  inspiration from Mc. Donalds, KFC, Gladiator movie , MATRIX, Terminator and all the Hollywood flicks and few from Shahrukh & Amir Khan and who are truly pait-rhetoric oops I mean patriotic & are self-certified experts on the same.

Example :

Pakistan – “Rent a Nation” by General Ayub Khan

When you read Ahmed Qureshi and Zaid-Hamid typoz vomiting excessive propaganda against politicians its important to remind them of the “Historic” remarks made by their masters.

” For Christ’s sake, I didn’t come to the United States to look at barracks. Our army can be your army if you want us. But let’s make a decision “

General Ayub Khan , 1953



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