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  1. you are right because you are a son of bitch.

  2. What is the name of this newspaper and what is the date of this news?

    And what is Civilian Intelligence Agency? Never heard of this one before.

  3. The Sialkot incident is not only barbaric but it was so disturbing that I did not have the heart to watch it. The channel was doing public service, but one wished that it were not true. Unfortunately, it was a horrible reality.The most unfortunate thing was that The two Mian Sahibs also landed in Sialkot at an MNA’s house and sent for the grieved parents to offer sympathies. How rude, and high and mighty can they be? The attitude is as shocking as the murder. Instead of going to the shattered parents and begging forgiveness, they chose to ‘send for’ the parents. How could anyone behave so obnoxiously? Did the ‘lions’ chicken out because of fear of the public? Did they assess the intensity of anger? Did the khadim-e-ala realise what khidmat his governance had done?

  4. yeh report bilkul theek hai bilkul issi tarah hua jis tarah se iss report mein likha hua hai..yeh dono bhai daku he they …sub ka kehna hai hai k daku ko pakar ker police k hawaley kerna chahye tha…lakin mein un logo se poochta hon k daku logo ko kaun se kanoon k teht loot maaar kertein hein…kiya in k liye koi kanoon ki naam ki cheez hai…kia yeh media yeh government yeh justis iss tarah kisi daketi ka notice letein hein????dakuo ki maa kehti hai k Allah mujhey insaf de ga.wo yeh kyun nahi sochti k uss ke beto ko jis bedardi se mara gaya hai wo b Allah ki taraf se he hua hai…pata nahi kis gharib ki buddua lagi jo itni ibratnaak maut unhein naseeb hui.

    • ALLAH tum ko b aisee he abraat naak mout naseeb keray ameen,aur ya fhir tujay hulak kuta kaat leya bas meri tu yeh he dua hai for u

  5. yeh report bilkul ghalt hai hamaari scocity sick mind bun chuki hai,yeh sick mind loogoon ka kaam thaa jinoo ne 2 bro ko qatal keya,isnaaf zaroor milay ga aur janaab daku they ya chor un logoon ko kis ne certificate deya k khud insaaf kertay phrien,sharm kero pakistan walooo,flood eartquick q nai ayien ab b time hai toba ker loooo werna jahnam wasil ker deya jaoo gey

  6. jhot ka palanda he ye report or rishwat khor admi ne rishwat kha kar banai he.dacoit to khod bilal tha jis ke khilaf fir bhi darj he.allah bless muneeb and mughees

  7. This is absolutely wrong, how can we say what happened there that day, how can the media or the other surrounding people say what happened that day when we witnessed nothing ourselves. we believe what the people say or what the media say because they produce one sided stories and they cover up for themselves. what happened that day is a secret that has gone up with them, were they thiefs/murderers or not? we cant say….. but what we can do is stop these unjustified acts from occuring every now and then and stop the cruelty of poor innocent people being slain or being accused for what they are not. I personally believe that they were innocent whether anyone believes this or not, i wouldnt go on to believing what the other so called websites, other people or the media have to say about this because they were not involved in the time of this act, but were informed quiet later, what ever happened it is indeed very sad, i really condemn to this act. this should never happen to anyone, let alone an animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. also, do we really think that justice will be done to them? no in pakistan evry1 feeds themselves, no one feeds the poor the innocent. if a poor person dies never mind he/she was not related to us or he/she had not enough money to be apart of us, is what the rich people say, and when one of their own kin expires, they say, he was one of us, he had money and power like us. I say what difference is there, we are all humans, and to be treated fairly is our rights. why should we let the poor suffer for no wrong deed?

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