Kon bagega Harap Pati – Zardari with Amitabh Bachchan

Zardari now with Amitabh Bachchan in Kon banega Harap Pati

Pakistan’s National Flag – Flag Movement

For those who don’t know PAKISTAN’S NATIONAL FLAG has been among one of the technically-best in the world. I have missed the URL for the post on this but hopefully I shall share when I find it again.  The starting part of this video is inspiring indeed and it is the reason i am sharing this video else the “Zaid Hamid” part in the end is pretty bad inclusion here.

Pakistani Generals – Time for an Intellectual Rebellion

Pakistan Khapey – Part 1

Man i love the stupidity, intelligence, idiocity, uniqueness,difference,color,style,behaviour,attitude,response,action,reaction in daily life. We are unique ALHUMDULILLAH 🙂

Jasmeen Manzoor vs Abid Sher Ali – Cant handle the heat ?

This is more about one of the MOST INCOMPETENT TV HOST rather ABID share ali. Abid and many other politicians are retards and shout very often on TV but this is about how a host conduct a program. She is behaving so childishly like a DON , not a tv host. She deliberately let him shout first & didnt block his mike at the beginning. She let the guy get onto an emotional stupidity level to increase her program’s rating and then in an attempt to fire fight doing damage control in end. Our politicians are idiots and they quite often start shouting, if she is on a NATIONAL TV seen by millions she should have the ABILITY to handle such people.

Hassan Nisar whips on Pseudo-Religious-Nationalists Ass

Video 1/2

Video 2/2

Shireen Mazari on Sawat Operation

Very very strong arguments by Shireen Mazari i must say. Not necessarily all CORRECT but very strong argument PTI has. PTI has indeed some sensible heads then those mafia type MQM,PPP,ANP,PML,MMAz. Shireen Mazari’s this interview has impressed me alot, not that i necessarily agree with her in views.


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