Angelina Jolie vs Pakistan’s Leadership

Dollars Zindabad – America Murdabad

It is worth pondering that while PAKISTANs political leadership as well as Military finds it “beneficial” in long term to keep anti-WEST sentiments alive (for Strategic objectives and for an ideological brainwashing to generate SECURITY Requirements ), it however quite shamelessly not only accepts all the aid from WEST but never bothers to think twice about revising our “National policy” w.r.t WEST. While AMERICAN and WESTERN flags continue to burn on streets in PAKISTAN, at the same time the “threatening appeals for help and aid” also continue in parallel. The image here should be seen in that context apart from the humanitarian one. Note that the old man here who is crying will most probably (from what we have seen since 1947) vote for Fazlur Rehman or Wali or PML or PPP leadership in the end. No doubt there will definitely be local black sheeps in politics, but there will also be some good souls too but this fellow will consider his sect, biraadari, ethnicity, family affiliations then. This dilemma has what kept PAKISTAN backward. The dishonesty of NATION with itself and throwing the blame on WEST.

Will Angelina’s compassion ever force these people to think why they keep voting the wrong who disappear when needed most and every time some NGOs or the WEST has to come for their rescue? Will this man stand up against his leadership the next time they entice him to burn an American, British, Western flag and ask them to stop playing with this faith like business to make their way into Power?

I leave it onto the reader to decide. . .

Google Search on Crisis Pakistan

A friend twit me this info and i checked myself to verify and it was correct. While web search show all current crisis’s , All is Well for our our leaders. Though this is not only specific to Pakistan as the search shows same for some other countries but its the relevancy that is important here since countries do face different crisis time to time and obviously the web accumulates them at one single point.

BhikaratKari – Friends or Masters ?

🙂 Abba Jee[1]Lo sain . . . Mazeed “Daal roti” ka bandobast hogaya hai. Rehman Malik ne behtareen bhikarat-kaari ( urdu for Diplomatic Beggary) se “Abbu Jee”  ko mana lia aakhir.

Sain aap awein mei mayuus hotey ho ki hamara koi “future” nahi . . .  . humne dunia ko pehle toh TENSION (Taliban/Jihad/Extremism) dena hai or phir us TENSION ko khatam kerne ki “fees” wasool kerni hai or es tarha “guzar basar” hota rahega. . . .

Sain mashalla se hum bheek maangne ke nit nai tareekay ejaad ker rahe hain and our PROFESSIONAL approach in beggary is doing wonders , no wonder. mei toh kehta hun hum dunia ki pehli Beggary-Institute khol letey hain. Hum bi toh koi khidmat karain “Taleem o Tadrees” mei dunia ki 🙂

Pakactive – Credit chor

I just did this post on publicmb and KMB on Jan 6 and next day Jan 7 PAKACTIVE had this post on their blog. But but but . . .  do you see any problem ???? Right !! They copied the photo taken by me without credits.pakactive. Too bad . . . Why people hate to give credits to the source? They were so tired to even copy paste that they didnt bother checking the IMAGE URL ( showing on image (refering to my publicmb . . . lolzz)

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