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Kaafir Factory – Muhammad Hanif

What a well written article. Thanks Lord we have people like Muhammad Hanif to wake up the nation and help them escape the “Mullah Brigade”.

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Abida Parveen – Ramooz-e-Ishq – Video and Lyrics

Heard this awesome sufi work by great Abida Parveen last Sunday and indeed it was spellbound.

Ho, jee maula, maula, maula, maula, maula
Mera maula, maula
O my creator… my lord…

Mein hoon mashhoor ishq baazi mein
I am famous for my affair with Him

Khaasa dard-o-gham majaazi mein
(For that love) infinite sorrows and pain have been repressed

Mein hoon mashhoor ishq baazi mein (repeat)
I am famous for my affair with Him

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Prophet Adam had Pakistani Nationality

Street Fatwa

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Humanity is Universal

Not often you see a different currency than local in these but this dollar ( usually attributed to the most-hated American empire) reminds us that humanity has no worldly boundries. Those who strongly believe in HUMAN-first approach are a faith themselves. How many of us differenciate on who will benefit in the end when we contribute at these and similar places?  [Credit RajaIslam]

Liberating the Mind from Orthodoxies : Noam Chomsky

Was very busy with shift when during a search i cam across this Noam Chomsky classic. Couldn’t resist reading it. What a man!! what thoughts, what intellect. I wish we in Pakistan could have such men.


Liberating the Mind from Orthodoxies

An interview with Noam Chomsky 

By David Barsamian

Noam Chomsky, long-time political activist, writer, and professor of linguistics at IT, is the author of numerous books and articles on U.S. foreign policy, international affairs, and human rights. Among his many books are World Orders Old and NewClass Warfare, and Powers and Prospects. Among his latest books are The Common Good and The New Military Humanism.
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A page from history on Justice in Islam

Thanks to Adnan for this. He copied its link at one of KMB topics.

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The most free-from-everything nation

Was reading an article by BBC regarding freedom in Pakistan & couldn’t stop sharing it. Its funny to note that our land of contradiction has so much to offer in entertainment but we waste our energies in seemingly non-issues like wardi, elections, deal etc. Yes they are definitely a non-issue for the awaam, coz they are all khawaas issues. Who cares if mush stays in his badbuudar wardi or if PPP gets a dheel from gov, enters a successful deal & wins election. Will that change life for him on the ground ?

So we were talking about freedom of speech. Let’s carry on :

I guess religious freedom is the best freedom we have. We kicked Qadiyani’s out because after all we are the self made theikedar (SMT’s) on deciding who is & who isn’t Muslim which interestingly the prophet never used. The fanatics have the freedom to make a 1 million army hostage within the walls of Lal Masjid right under military nose. They prefered its nose maily because it is familiar to them. Its the same nose that acted like their own during afghan war which for me was a defeat. The USA perfectly fooled the whole Ummah as she knew we have some extra capsules in our blood regarding love to Islam which never shows up in our daily dealings. It only comes out when we have to capture a peace of land like Kashmir or Afghanistan or to achieve power.

So i was talking about religious freedom. We have the unique distinction of molding, folding, baking, cutting & chopping the original shariah for our likening. Don’t you see how ashiqaan-e-rasuul steal KESC electricity during Rabi-ul-awwal. See thats what we call freedom. Make the whole nation pay for your celebrations. And no one is there to question you because as i said , you are the SMT’s of Islam.

I wonder what could be the possible reaction of the holy Prophet PBUH if he could see all of this. Here is a possible conversation between the holy Prophet & ALLAH after Prophet lands on earth & after seeing all of this want to go back :

i decided to quit this here & complete later as i had missed some thing somewhere. Wont be good if i post it half. Sorry for this

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