Angelina Jolie vs Pakistan’s Leadership

Dollars Zindabad – America Murdabad

It is worth pondering that while PAKISTANs political leadership as well as Military finds it “beneficial” in long term to keep anti-WEST sentiments alive (for Strategic objectives and for an ideological brainwashing to generate SECURITY Requirements ), it however quite shamelessly not only accepts all the aid from WEST but never bothers to think twice about revising our “National policy” w.r.t WEST. While AMERICAN and WESTERN flags continue to burn on streets in PAKISTAN, at the same time the “threatening appeals for help and aid” also continue in parallel. The image here should be seen in that context apart from the humanitarian one. Note that the old man here who is crying will most probably (from what we have seen since 1947) vote for Fazlur Rehman or Wali or PML or PPP leadership in the end. No doubt there will definitely be local black sheeps in politics, but there will also be some good souls too but this fellow will consider his sect, biraadari, ethnicity, family affiliations then. This dilemma has what kept PAKISTAN backward. The dishonesty of NATION with itself and throwing the blame on WEST.

Will Angelina’s compassion ever force these people to think why they keep voting the wrong who disappear when needed most and every time some NGOs or the WEST has to come for their rescue? Will this man stand up against his leadership the next time they entice him to burn an American, British, Western flag and ask them to stop playing with this faith like business to make their way into Power?

I leave it onto the reader to decide. . .

Political Quotes – Plato

asifrazzaque on twitter shared this and i thought its quite intellectual so i am sharing:

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”

[ Plato ]

Pakistan – The writing on the Wall

Every person/country/nation/society has a wall on which there is a writing. On my emails group where I share all kind of political stuff and also do some summary-analysis few friends often inquire how I am able to do the right kind of analysis most of the time. I reply that one just needs to read the writing on the wall. Since I have been sharing lot of stuff over there I thought why not start same on my blog. If my readers recall I had dome an analysis on Kiyani’s extension and my predictions came 100% true i.e. like I had predicted, not only Shuja Pasha got an extension and so did Kiyani, the Kiyani-Zardari relation as mentioned below by SS simply echoes my prediction long time back. But like I said, its not a big deal, if you could separate (extract) information from TEXT its very easy to read the writing on the wall.


Fatwa Manufacturing Industry Pvt. Ltd

Shah Mahmood Qureshi – For Allah and For America

You have to keep both Happy to be in Power in PAKISTAN. Over decades, Pakistani elite have kept an impressive balance between local requirements and international PR demands.

[images:, google, Jang/Express]

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