Zong Bijli Offer – Cashing Misery or Innovative Marketing?

My post might look strange to you but try to see the whole picture. I hate to say this but since last few decades’ corporate economy and politics have formed a strange composition. Capitalism is growing strong. Decades back, war was an evil thing, until recently when it became a profitable BUSINESS. Pakistan’s Dollar-centric WOT proves this point. Imagine, if all extremists (Taliban/Al-Qaeda) are killed, how we gonna get Dollars? Got the point? While corporate GIANTs are wasting billions in marketing, their REAL contribution to Society is shameful. Our corporate companies are more into Cosmetics for cameras. Telenor recently did this “Karo Mumkin” thing, a complete waste of money purely aimed at self promotion. Telecom companies earn in billions every year and can easily take an initiative to invest in POWER sector but over a decade they didn’t. Don’t know if this ad is cashing on people’s misery or good marketing. Will our corporate sector, which earns in billions from this nation, ever come up with a PURPOSEFUL project like opening 5 world class hospitals all over Pakistan or 5 universities or 50 colleges? Or donate 10 Fire Brigades to Quetta gov (as of now 17 hours have passed but the fire is not in control). Why Edhi has to ask for charity every time when acc. To unofficial figures PAK is one of world’s top philanthropy driven countries with estimated 75 to 80 billion rupees given in philanthropy every year. Where the heck all this money go? To madrassaz? To Schools? Hospitals? Talibanz? Or NOG pockets? Corruption ? Why Shaukat Khanum has to work hard to meet its expanses? Why nothing is changing on ground? Except few initiatives like Citizen Foundation which are truly a purposeful project. Is it because all this X-billion amount is being wasted by mismanagement? Is it because that doesn’t give enough “coverage” in papers? Is corporate philanthropy all about promoting brand names? Will we learn from Waren Buffet and Melinda Gates foundation?

Qadam badhao Asif Zardari . . .

[Raja Islam]

KESC – CEO Tabish Gohar

my friend has this commentary on NEW CEO Tabish Gohar , i hope his prediction prove false but i fear otherwise from my past experience (read comment) 🙂

Zaleel ho k  jaey ga ….  ye  Luxury  enjoy karay gaa toh pehle walun ki tarah

Kaam kerna k liye . . . . .   Mazdoor banna perta hai . . . baadsha nahi

Mere Dad kafi time  pehlay  Siemens gai ,  wahan aik Machine  bohot problem ker rahi thi ….. Ssaray engineer  thak k beth gai

Aakhir  Head of the engineering depart ko call ki gaee……….. Saddar office  se Shersha aaya……. Coat Tie  utaari….
aur half an hour  laga aur machine theek……….. Uskay kapray kharab, Muu haath ganda huwa peraa thaa…….. but uss ne sab ki taraf smile paas ki….. kissi  ko  nahi kaha . . . . . . TUM LOGON KO TU KUCH AATA HEE NAHI/ KIYA KERTAY RAHAY HO ITNAY TIME SE…  (halanki kehna chaiye tha)

Haath Muu dhoya car mei betha aur chala gaya
sain . . be-fiker raho wo koi pakistani Nahi thaa . . . (or ho bi nahi sakta)
. . GERMAN thaa

i know CEO  ko mqm ppp  type log danda detay hein… but ye 100% nahi hotaa………. 50% kaam zaroor ho sakta hai, mere aur **** k DAD ne bhi inhi halaat mei kaam kiyaa . .
New Ceo

Flowers selling flowers on seaview Karachi

Over the last few years one evil that has taken over Karachi are these kids selling flowers etc. to visitors at different places. The evil part is not the “SELLING”. Its that they have been forced to do it in an innocent age and they dont even know what they are doing. The worst part is, they beg for money if you dont buy. Thats like an advance version of begging only. An another version is the kids standing at traffic signal and wipe windscreen. And again they do it without our approval. If you act harsh they dont reply, they just start begging then. As i have been writing it for sometime at KMB its goes to show a commulative degradation in our society. It goes to show that (a) the gov. has absolutely no interest in the welfare concept of our religion (b) society as general is callous (c) there is a inaapropriate distributtion of wealth in our contry and its growing (thanks to people like SHAUKAT AZIZ and obviously all the previous ones whose only task was to help banks. oil companies etc. profit in big numbers instead of GRASS ROOT level changes). (d) these people have lost faith in system and they have only few options which are either to beg, or do this or the worst case scenario start getting into the CRIME WORLD.

Pakactive – Credit chor

I just did this post on publicmb and KMB on Jan 6 and next day Jan 7 PAKACTIVE had this post on their blog. But but but . . .  do you see any problem ???? Right !! They copied the photo taken by me without credits.pakactive. Too bad . . . Why people hate to give credits to the source? They were so tired to even copy paste that they didnt bother checking the IMAGE URL (https://publicmb.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/veena-malik.jpg?w=468&h=321) showing on image (refering to my publicmb . . . lolzz)

Veena Malik – Miss World

According to this source, veena malik is coming very soon on Duniya TV to “secure her fame” and therefore this huge board on SF that i captured

Veena Malik Miss World

Veena Malik Miss World

HSBC Bank Party in Karachi

What you call this?

Enlightenment (the MUSH way of bullshitting on intellect)

or Moderation?

or BOTH ?

HSBC Bank Party in Karachi

HSBC Bank Party in Karachi

HSBC Bank Party in Karachi

HSBC Bank Party in Karachi

[Image : Lahore Pictures]

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