Kon bagega Harap Pati – Zardari with Amitabh Bachchan

Zardari now with Amitabh Bachchan in Kon banega Harap Pati

Cyber Jahalat – A new word in Dictionary in Pakistan

Word : Cyber Jahalat

Definition : A word to describe a group species who have devise a mechanism to prove that from the dirty ketchup in aalu chips to the electricity load shedding & from local mohalla crimes to the marriage of Shoaib Sania  there is a systematic link and finger prints of RAW MOSAD CIA and the ZIONIST CARTOONIST PENTAGOINST conspiracy against PAK and the this has been done to damage the Ghazwa-e-Hind project , a project by the last soldier and defenders of the Ummah, the CIC General Zaid Hamid & his leutant Ahmed Qureshi and assistant Maria B. with promotion duties given to Ali Azmat of the Junoon fame.

Age group affected: The new-comer cyber middle class of PAK who are emotional and sensitive regarding their nationalism and want to “do something” in space after getting  inspiration from Mc. Donalds, KFC, Gladiator movie , MATRIX, Terminator and all the Hollywood flicks and few from Shahrukh & Amir Khan and who are truly pait-rhetoric oops I mean patriotic & are self-certified experts on the same.

Example : http://tinyurl.com/2cftzyt

Qadam badhao Asif Zardari . . .

[Raja Islam]

Allama Shoaib Malik

Only in Pakistan

[credit : required]

Afridi – Nandos ad in Australian Newspaper

[credit : Faras Ghani via timesonline.typepad.com]

Prophet Adam had Pakistani Nationality

Street Fatwa

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Google Search on Crisis Pakistan

A friend twit me this info and i checked myself to verify and it was correct. While web search show all current crisis’s , All is Well for our our leaders. Though this is not only specific to Pakistan as the search shows same for some other countries but its the relevancy that is important here since countries do face different crisis time to time and obviously the web accumulates them at one single point.

Nawaz Sharif and his intelligent team


PPP and Musharraf – Understanding NRO

I prefer calling it PRO . . .

(Plunder and Run Ordinance )


Zardari ya Khuddari

Zardari_Khuddari (1)
Zardari_Khuddari (2)
Zardari_Khuddari (3)
Zardari_Khuddari (4)
Zardari_Khuddari (5)
Zardari_Khuddari (6)

Pakistan Khapey – Part 1

Man i love the stupidity, intelligence, idiocity, uniqueness,difference,color,style,behaviour,attitude,response,action,reaction in daily life. We are unique ALHUMDULILLAH 🙂

Zardari ka pait – Zardari’s tummy

zardari-ka-pait Hassan Nisar here says ki our Elite is so incompetent that they cant even act a lie.

This statement by Zardari made me laugh n cry at same time. Bhai jis ka pait bhi SWISS BANK mai deposit para ho wo es tarah ka statement de toh bunda poochey ki agar apna pait katogey toh kia un ghoduun (horses) ka pait rent pe le ke kaam chalaogey jo saaib (apple) khaya kertey thay.. O bhai o kis ko **** bana rahey ho, aap ki bari mehrbani aap apna qeemti pait apnay pass rakhain or BB sahiba ki UN se investigation ka kharcha sirf apnay personal account se pay kerdain, aap ka ye ehsaan e azeem hoga

Are Americans the most stupid ?

This is so funny 🙂

Husbands Who Love Their Wives

Top 10 most stupid questions people usually ask in obvious situations

Someone shared this on email and found it worth sharing 🙂  Top 10 most stupid questions people usually ask in obvious situations :

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Relax . . you are not the only one to fail

There are others , few below 🙂

[Credits : Anonymous forwarded by email]

Joke of the day

One way to start the day on a good note is to read a joke and here was one i came across today.


from Express

Osama and Bush – World wants peace like this

Please wait . . . . and let the image load with animation. [credits: Jamash]

World wants peace like this

World wants peace like this

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