Mobilink – The Israeli Connection

Found this interesting story that I share. Would love to see Mobilink side of story. DOWNLOAD image

Mobilink – The Israeli Connection

Mobilink – The Israeli Connection

ARB on Pakistan’s ruling Elite

Two days back i gave ARB the book i purchased in Expo center last year i.e Zero Point III by Javed chaudhry & i knew there would be something coming as soon he opens it. Yesterday his first SMS came Continue reading

On Events in Multan

Today while i was checking my CDs i switched on TV to see whats going on, only to get saddened again

that riots and loot mar was going in MULTAN against KESC/WAPDA and load shadding. . . I send this SMS to ARB , he replied with his side of thoughts. .
Continue reading

ARB on Science and education in Pakistan

Got this SMS today early morning. Didnt want to share but dint have any option too . . .

” Pakistan ke 45% SCIENCE schools/colleges mai . . . LABs hee nahi hain. Atta ur Rahman bar*** ka bacha 8 years se apni ma **** karvata raha”

I didnt even know what to reply to ARB on this. Pure frustration on the state of science and education in our country, especially from a guy who has seen things closely.

Current Pakistani Politics

ARB : Aaj 28th march 2008, to ye batao ki es TIME PAKISTAN KI ESTABLISHMENT KON HAI?? AUR establishment ke koi bhi 3 bandon ke naam batao, koi bi shaks jo most seniors hon Continue reading

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