Gillani – Ashamed of his National Dress ?

Look at the two guests. Our 2% lot which is mostly brought up in a WESTERN environment (at home) hardly sees any point in promoting their national culture at international levels. Compare it with Manmohan Singh.

Qadam badhao Asif Zardari . . .

[Raja Islam]

French Pakistani Rap song – The Rising Pakistan

One of the best patriotic videos

Are Americans the most stupid ?

This is so funny 🙂

Relax . . you are not the only one to fail

There are others , few below 🙂

[Credits : Anonymous forwarded by email]

A video for beggars

Everyday i come across more beggars than any of my friends, colleagues or people at work. Karachi has recently become a beggars city. While there is 10-15% of deserving beggars the majority is not only kaam chor beggars but some of them are young, fit faat but still dont wanna work. This video is for those people

The writing on the wall, the image on the floor

Pervez Musharraf failed to read the writing on the wall on March 9, 2007 then July 20, 2007 & later Feb. 18, 2008. This BBC image reminded me of Javaid Chaudhry’s article on Saddam Hussain & General Auguso Pinochet in his book ZERO POINT v. 3

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