Kon bagega Harap Pati – Zardari with Amitabh Bachchan

Zardari now with Amitabh Bachchan in Kon banega Harap Pati

Pakistan – One Coin 3 faces (Politicians – Army – Bureucracy)

Very informative discussion . . Hassan Nisar you rock !!

Milk Murder in Pakistan

Warning !!

This video will make you hate milk . . . watch at your own risk

Newspaper : Media not being allowed to report Milk case and lab report and Melamine, detergents in packed milk, court told

Are Americans the most stupid ?

This is so funny 🙂

Don’t Tell my Mother – I am in Pakistan

Few weeks back while watching NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC i saw a trailer of Don’t Tell My Mother series which would have a program on PAKISTAN. I waited for the day/time and as it was about to start there was some problem with my cable TV line. I waited for a while and then rang the cable wala without getting any sensible answer i sent few messages to other friends across city. Majority had no electricity and one or two who had said their cable isn’t showing this channel too. I thought its fishy. Well i let it go then and when after a week NG had a repeat of the same i decided i will not miss it at any cost. But this time again just before it would start NG channel was gone. I immediately rang/sms few friends to find out the same issue at their end. Now i was wondering what actually this show had that the cable walaz were ordered to block it. This led to me for some searching and i found except the trailer none had posted it over the internet as yet. I keep searching it time to time and now i finally got it. Well to tell you the truth its simply the true face of PAKISTAN and i don’t know for what reasons (or may be many reasons depending upon how you look at it). There is only one point (3rd video) where it tells that in Interior Sindh some Army officers are involved in Bonded Labor. Dont know if the blockage had anything to do with it.

looking at this documentary its clear the our nation has become an Intellectual Hijraas 35 years thanks to the evil man ZIA and later on MUSHARRAF. Pakistan before 70s was quite a moderate state but now we have are divided into so many blocks that we have no national direction, no purpose, no route for future. Everyone is going own way. But the worst everyone is trying to enfore his own brand of Pakistani ideology. Zia came to enfore his brand of ISLAM and then MUSH came to sell bikinis and skin. One stretch us right and other left and now we have for all practical purpose become clueless (or like Hassan Nisar says a mob jis mei kisi ne saanp chor dia ho) . We have no definite shape or face to show. The documentary presents a true (even bitter) picture of our country:


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Veena Malik – Miss World

According to this source, veena malik is coming very soon on Duniya TV to “secure her fame” and therefore this huge board on SF that i captured

Veena Malik Miss World

Veena Malik Miss World

Benazir Bhutto Corruption Exposed

This is my tribute to Benazir Bhutto and PPP on 27th December, just to remind them what PPP currently stands for. Check how the evil Musharraf trying to side way from BBC questions regarding her corruption. Those who dont know, those were the times when his team was negotiating with BB for a deal regarding future elections in pakistan. Now you know why i call Musharraf equally a corrupt.

Bush Shoe Incident – Best Cartoons

A video for beggars

Everyday i come across more beggars than any of my friends, colleagues or people at work. Karachi has recently become a beggars city. While there is 10-15% of deserving beggars the majority is not only kaam chor beggars but some of them are young, fit faat but still dont wanna work. This video is for those people

Khuda ke Liye released in INDIA

Watch full movie online here

Khuda Ke Liye’ has been released today in India in 100 cinemas across 20 cities, becoming the first Pakistani movie to be released in Indian theaters for 4 decades now. Shoaib Mansoor, the proud of Pakistani cinema has done an excellent job in not only touching a sensitive issue but also putting it in best possible manner. While one can agree/disagree to the views he tried to convey, there is no doubt about the fact that Continue reading

Khuda ke liye – Watch Online

Saw it with Sami & Fayyaz in Cinema in Karachi & i tell you what, its one of the best movies ever. Must watch movie. There are total 15 parts + 3 deleted parts. All Credits : ResidentHeartThrob

Here is another link to watch Khuda ke Liye online

Part One
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Naaz Khiaalvi – Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho – You are a Puzzle

One of the most amazing text you would find about Sufi/Darwaish/Spiritual face of faith. . . .

All credits to Naaz Khiaalvi who wrote this . . .

I shall try to share all that i can on this poetry. Here i have got its video, urdu text & English translation.


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Breakfast with Dawn – Teeth Maestro & Jamash

Awab bhai you rokkkkkk!!!!. Jamash jani . . .  lash !!!

New Video of Benazir’s Last moments released

You all have seen the ISPR video as well as few other videos and photos. Here is the latest one showing how BB was shot.


Freedom Sound – CityFM89

Click HERE for high quality version

Hassan Nisar rips apart Mush Benazir Nawaz and all politicians

Watch the complete program (Part One , Two, Three, Four)

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