Visual Trick

If you watch the above images from your seat in front of the computer,
Mr.Angry is on the left, and Mrs.Calm is on the right.Get up from your seat, and move back about eight feet!! They switch places!!
This proves that things aren’t always what they look like!!

[ Credit : Habeeb Bhai ]

mujhe pagal ker do

Main tumhe dil ki siyasat ka hunar deta hoon
ab isse dhoop bana do mujhe badal ker do

Apne aangan ki udasi se zara baat kero
neem ke sookhe hoye pied ko sandal ker do

Tum mujhe chor ke jao ge tu mar jaoon ga
youn kero jaane se pehle mujhe pagal ker do

itna hi yad rakh mujhe jesy kisi kitab main

itna hi yad rakh mujhe jesy kisi kitab main
ik khat para howa mile
lafz mity mitty se ho’n
rang ura ura sa ho
lakin wo ajnabi na ho
uth k tere lagy lagy
beetay dino ki  sab kattha
bhoole howay tamam such tujh say kahy or ro pard

Pervez Hitler – Part II

You all saw this photo (photoshoped version) & here is why it was made

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How do i vent my Anger on MUSH

Just posted this comment on

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Pervez Hitler

[Note : Do check comprehensive Photo Gallery links]. Following is a silent protest from an ordinary Pakistani against Pervez Hitler and his Generals. I, and all others should keep on reminding them about what Quaid e Azam said on August 14, 1947.

Here are some BBC URDU Photo Galleries.

BBC Urdu | بینظیر کی مہم، وکلاء اور صحافیوں کے مظاہرے

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی کا پانچواں دن

BBC Urdu | ملک بھر میں وکلاء کا احتجاج، گرفتاریاں

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی پر احتجاج کا تیسرا دن

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی کے بعد پہلا دن

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی پر احتجاج و گرفتاریاں

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی پر احتجاج و گرفتاریاں

BBC Urdu | اسلام آباد میں ایمرجنسی کے بعد کا حال

BBC Urdu | جسٹس افتخار کیس: احتجاج جاری

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی کا نواں دن

[Original Image : ]

Watch Pakistani TV Channels LIVE

Beating dictatorship in 21st century

(Credits:- Original Image : Teeth Maestro)

Knowledge is power and i guess commulative knowledge (information/sharing ETC) is lethal power. Technology has come a long way and here are some links that will help you stay in touch with the rest of the world for new and information. Its such a shame that we are at the helm of a tyrant government which can’t digest dissent opinion and is bent upon curbing media & freedom of speech. Share more links and resources if you have. If we can’t fight by gun, we sure can with a pen (or technology for that matter).

[1] Watch GEO LIVE :-


(b) mms:// (copy/paste to player , REAL Player recommended)



(Windows Media Player needed, Credits ZAINUB)

[3] GEO LIVE AUDIO mms://

(copy/paste to Windows Media/Real Player. Credits:- All Things Pakistan)

PTCL – Phone n Net

PTCL ( Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) has launched a metered Internet Service at Rs. 0.10 Paisas/minute nationwide on its land-line network. User simply connects by plugging PTCL telephone line into his/her computer’s modems, login to a generic account with ID “ptcl” & Password “ptcl” , using dial-up access number “13177777“.

The billing appears on regular telephone utility bills distributed on a monthly basis to PTCL subscribers. This service is available in provincial capitals at the moment but hopefully this will be a great effort in promoting widespread usage of Internet in country & once available all over, especially remote areas, this will surely put Pakistan on right track towards progress in Telecom sector.
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The DAWN after Death & Destruction

These are the photos i took early morning today after coming home from night shift.

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The Irony of 21st Century

How ironic it is that in 21st century a thief lectures on honesty, a terrorist acts advocating tolerance, fascist beg on media for peace, dictators wear democratic mask. Its all a proof of the level of blindness & decline the humanity has hit since Adam & Eve. In South Asian perspective here is an imaginative photo session of the so-called enlightened family in 21st century.

Original image at Adnan Siddiqui’s blog

Iran Names CIA “Terrorist Organization”–A NEW PLAYER IN THE WAR on TERROR

The Terrorist Designation market is getting crowded. With its economy in shambles, Iran has sought to muscle it’s way into a domain usually reserved for the United States, the country which had 3000 of its citizens murdered in one incident. From the AP

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Machis ki tiliyon se
Thodi si neend udhaar leta hoon……

Aur jalti tili ke muhane par apna
Jalta hua wazood rakh deta hoon…..
Khuwaab kash-ba-kash jeeta hoon phir
Tumhain rag-rag mein utaar leta hoon.
Seene ki jalan se uthta hai jo dhuwaan…..
Dhuwein mein Aks tumhara dhoondh leta hoon…..

Gubaar sa jo utha dhuwaan, ho TUM
baad jo bacha kuch nahin, Mai hoon,maan leta hoon.
Madhoshi chane lagti hai jab ankhon mein
Aayene mein dekh ke tumhain bas muskura leta hoon…..
Kat-ta nahin jab Samaiy tumhare bina…….

Silsiley par Silsila naya…….
Phir se gadh leta hoon……

Machis ki tiliyon se
Thodi si neend udhaar leta hoon…..

~ by RAJ ~

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Aaj kal ki larkian

Found this interesting desi poetry on Fayyaz Ahmed flickr account.

Mind wide shut

The baray mian has his left eye (on apparatus) closed, while the right one, which is supposed to be closed is OPEN. And we rely on them to guide us on our faith. Bravo!!. No wonder why it was announced that the moon was not sighted by Ruet-e-Hairan wa-Parayshan kameyti. Whenever the newscaster on TV would announce about moon sighting & show our Maulana hazraat doing an FBI search for moon, i couldn’t

stop laughing. In 21st century when MAN has decided that he will land on MARS in 2025, i wonder what the holy Prophet (PBUH) would thinking if he would see this.

Loads of thanks to Raja Islam for sharing this one.

[Credit : THE NEWS ]

Melting into you

I was searching for an image header with a romantic theme & found this one. I am sure ARB would be proud of me for searching out this one. I kept on looking at it for half an hour or so before i decided i better save it else bijli ka koi bharossa nai. There is more to it then what apparently meets the eye. It was after a long time that i was seeing such a romantic photo pose. This also reminds me Did i found Nazia. Its raining, the gul is holding the guy at the back of his neck. Its clear that its firm but not hard enough for distraction. As she prolly wants to last it long. The

guy has his hand at her back for her support. The umbrella is covering both of em properly just to make sure no disturbance comes in between this memorable feeling of oneness. Both have their eyes closed so its not just a momentary kiss. Its a deep one and long one too. The photographer was intelligent to blur the background to emphasis on the event. I bet you would like to feel the love when kissing someone in rain. Its an awesome feeling, trust me & a sweet one too. My laptop, it seems has just sensed my romantic mood and the next track on Media player is making a perfect combination here. The song is Rhythm Divine by Enrique.

Image : thu11nct

Vivah – Full Movie

Vivah is one of my most fav & probably one of the most romantic desi film. Everything about it is awesome. The storyline is good, acting is excellent as well as the script. The two roles by Shahid & Amrit fit very well. After hard searching i was finally able to find the whole movie uploaded on YOUTUBE. If you are one of those who like romantic stories with powerful script and songs do watch this one. My fav part is number 11. There are around 25 parts uploaded for this movie. Here we go

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Pakistan Army – A picture worth thousand words

  We never foresee future but more importantly and sadly we never learn from history. Something to ponder for the Pakistan ARMY. [read GENERALs]Complete BBC story

Original idea hired from Umair

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DAWN NEWS CHANNEL – Understand the difference

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Understand the difference

Pakistan and India – 60 years into Journey

This was a special show on the occasion of 60 years of Pakistan and India. It was a join effort by DAWN NEWS, IBN & CNN. Very interesting discussion/debate especially wrt the stats shown in poll.

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Pakistani Politics – Best of the Best in Comedy

Parody of different GEO programs (must watch)

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