Visual Trick

If you watch the above images from your seat in front of the computer,
Mr.Angry is on the left, and Mrs.Calm is on the right.Get up from your seat, and move back about eight feet!! They switch places!!
This proves that things aren’t always what they look like!!

[ Credit : Habeeb Bhai ]

mujhe pagal ker do

Main tumhe dil ki siyasat ka hunar deta hoon
ab isse dhoop bana do mujhe badal ker do

Apne aangan ki udasi se zara baat kero
neem ke sookhe hoye pied ko sandal ker do

Tum mujhe chor ke jao ge tu mar jaoon ga
youn kero jaane se pehle mujhe pagal ker do

itna hi yad rakh mujhe jesy kisi kitab main

itna hi yad rakh mujhe jesy kisi kitab main
ik khat para howa mile
lafz mity mitty se ho’n
rang ura ura sa ho
lakin wo ajnabi na ho
uth k tere lagy lagy
beetay dino ki  sab kattha
bhoole howay tamam such tujh say kahy or ro pard

Pervez Hitler – Part II

You all saw this photo (photoshoped version) & here is why it was made

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How do i vent my Anger on MUSH

Just posted this comment on

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Pervez Hitler

[Note : Do check comprehensive Photo Gallery links]. Following is a silent protest from an ordinary Pakistani against Pervez Hitler and his Generals. I, and all others should keep on reminding them about what Quaid e Azam said on August 14, 1947.

Here are some BBC URDU Photo Galleries.

BBC Urdu | بینظیر کی مہم، وکلاء اور صحافیوں کے مظاہرے

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی کا پانچواں دن

BBC Urdu | ملک بھر میں وکلاء کا احتجاج، گرفتاریاں

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی پر احتجاج کا تیسرا دن

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی کے بعد پہلا دن

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی پر احتجاج و گرفتاریاں

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی پر احتجاج و گرفتاریاں

BBC Urdu | اسلام آباد میں ایمرجنسی کے بعد کا حال

BBC Urdu | جسٹس افتخار کیس: احتجاج جاری

BBC Urdu | ایمرجنسی کا نواں دن

[Original Image : ]

Watch Pakistani TV Channels LIVE

Beating dictatorship in 21st century

(Credits:- Original Image : Teeth Maestro)

Knowledge is power and i guess commulative knowledge (information/sharing ETC) is lethal power. Technology has come a long way and here are some links that will help you stay in touch with the rest of the world for new and information. Its such a shame that we are at the helm of a tyrant government which can’t digest dissent opinion and is bent upon curbing media & freedom of speech. Share more links and resources if you have. If we can’t fight by gun, we sure can with a pen (or technology for that matter).

[1] Watch GEO LIVE :-


(b) mms:// (copy/paste to player , REAL Player recommended)



(Windows Media Player needed, Credits ZAINUB)

[3] GEO LIVE AUDIO mms://

(copy/paste to Windows Media/Real Player. Credits:- All Things Pakistan)

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