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Content that you see being reflected in me . . .

This section will most probably contain a lot of stuff in coming days. From articles to reports, writers to actors & players, images & even movies all the stuff that will give you an idea about where my mind picks my words from. What i read & why i read. Content from all walks of sections of society & the world that contribute to my thinking. This is not all but mostly the content that i would like to share with you too, so thats the reason its posted here.

Pervez Hoodbhoy

Articles by Pervez Hoodbhoy

The Power of Ideas and the Modern University Sep 11, 2007

Science and the Islamic world — The quest for rapprochement Aug 2, 2007

Preventing More Lal Masjids Jul 10, 2007

Pakistan – The Threat From Within May 31, 2007

and more . . .

Ardeshir Cowasjee

The three ‘cards’ (September 16, 2007)

The ‘free and fair’ syndrome (September 9, 2007)

and more . . .

Javaid Chaudhry – Zero Point

Undoubtedly best pakistani columnist in Urdu I was not able to find a seperate page for him so in future i will upload his articles on a sperate page but for now read the latest article.

Kaarvan-e-Ilm Foundation

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