Karachi Bloggers Meetup – Resource pool

Recently Karachi bloggers had a meetup at Royal Rodale near Kinara restaurant. It was really wonderful, the way it was conducted, the activism of the participants and most notably the organizers. I (and i hope everyone karachi-bloggers-meetup there ) would like to thank all those behind the idea and those who conducted/managed it in such a brilliant manner. Rabia and Badar, CIO Pakistan, googli (google), WATEEN and others. Thank you so much for getting Karachi Bloggers under one platform. I wont say much here as, instead, i have decided to gather all resource pools under one roof by LINKing different blog and websites that have pics and videos and other stuff. I am quite pleased at the urdu bloggers who did a wonderful job, on scene and on blog. Please tell me more resources if you come across one so i can add them here:

1. Karachi Metroblog

2. CIO Pakistan (special thanks)


4. Deadpan Thoughts

5. Teeth Maestro

6. Urduweb

7. Justin.tv (special thanks – live streamed Karachi Bloggers meetup)

8. Teabreak

9. Blaster.wordpress

10. SAWJ

11. Ideas Hut

12. Mystakool

13. In the line of wire

14. Ibnezia

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