Might is Right – The last call

This image appeared in today’s express goes to show that even after UN there is a universal standard that is followed to achieve global goals. The standard is an old one,
1100554547-11 as old as the man himself and is known as MIGHT IS RIGHT. This is what the ISRAILis call “The right to defend” i.e by eliminating the Palestinians through a wicked and careful plan. While the whole MUSLIM world wanderers in darkness this picture might just be a part of history only, very soon, if the last call is not heard as GAZA burns.

Hassan Nisar – On Pakistani Nation in contemporary world

Just today in morning i was watching SAMAA TV in which one of the participants Mr. Rashid (don’t know full name) in program Halqa-e-Fikr was talking about the different latest feudal groups in pakistan namely the Political parties (PML,PPP,MQM,ANP etc.), the Generals, the waderaz and the Mullahz etc. Something on that later on but it all trickles down from the first world, whose prime source to keep our nation slave by a colonial script is the above mentioned groups. Hassan Nisar speaks about the inferiority complex we are building by choice or by force in a different way at a common man level with respect to different class levels.  Note his views on BENAZIR BHUTTO and the attitude of her fans. Worth pondering.

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