Puppet Musharraf in WEST to collect his reward

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Mr. Musharraf is on world tour these days and will be busy collecting the rewards for his faithfulness in 8 years from WESTern world. If readers remember, year back we wrote, and also it was obvious that once he quits power he will be  A GOOD BOY and like many other civilian and military leaders in pakistan suddenly act like a wise man and so therefore this piece sent to me by ARB.

When i wrote on different forums back in June 2007 that the Lal Masjid is a drama (make few fanatics BIG EVILs and then kill them) orchestrated to divert attention from the Chief Justice case people called me nuts. But like on other occasions its proving exactly the same. Especially if you check the Jawabdeh program featuring Ijaz-ul-Haq, Ch. Shujat Hussain and others you would come to know very easily what the game was behind-the-scene. Musharraf says the Lal Masjid tackling was a mistake. He is WRONG , it was a perfect drama and handled excellently by his ISI and didnt he got the end result he wanted to? Well who cares about the death of few hundred innocents. Precious is the life of few faoujiz, the Major/ Colonel etc. Isnt that what is taught in Army ? (bloody civilians? )

What i didnt get is and like ARB says in his email why should WEST try to understand Pakistan. Who the hell cares man!! Has any of our leader tried what he is advising the WEST? Its ironic that these leaders are different when in power and completely different when sitting idle lecturing. Its pitty that a university of STANDFORD’s standard had to invite a dictator to lecture on democracy, rule of law, world peace. Its pity that the guy who used all repressive tactics to shun his opponents will now be teaching the WEST on patience and the need for reconciliation. Reconciliation a word that in his dictionary means shaking hands with plunderers and looters of 170 million people. And its pity that a guy behind the murder of 50 innocents in broad day light will be lecturing on humanity and resolution of conflicts through dialogue.

This also goes to show that the WESTern world is not sincere in its efforts for a sustained democracy in Pakistan where it has always supported dictators and corrupt leaders. We never saw the WEST trying to help a good leader reach the power corridors. We never saw them condemning MUSH on missing people issue . . . (Hellooo…!!! human rights??? Helloooo!!) . Mukhtara Mai was a big deal for them ( and it was indeed generally speaking) but 600 missing people was no issue. And when a Chief Justice tries to establish rule of law, their puppet kicks him out and they are with him. Bravo!!! Mr Musharraf forgets about his own record when he talks about understanding the difficulties of Pakistan (or pakistaniz for that matter). So pity that STANDFORD places itself among those who approve repressive regimes and its icons.

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